Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10 months (almost)

Life is slowly getting back to normal here. The service for Grandma was very nice, and it was comforting to be around family these past two days.

We are quickly settling back into our routine here. Lola is thrilled to be home and is, again, getting into everything. Her crawling has vastly improved these past two weeks or so and she is just cruising around as if she's on wheels. It makes getting anything done nearly impossible. But you can't help but laugh.

You would think with a house full of baby toys, Lola would be content playing with what she knows is hers, but she doesn't. She much prefers remote controls, cell phones, books, gift bags, laptops and piles of laundry. She's a handful, that's for sure!

Spring is finally here and with it comes the rain. We have been taking daily hikes in the state park after work, but rain has canceled those plans a bit lately. Lola is still getting a bit used to her backpack, but she knows that after 3-4 miles or walking, she gets some time in the swing, which she just loves.

Not too much else going on here. We're home for four days this week and then head to Morris Friday for nephew Alex's (college) graduation on Saturday.

More later,
- Bethany :)

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mk said...

She is growing up so fast! Happy you both are taking the time to enjoy it all. Great pics! love you mom