Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Fun No Worries Day (and weekend)

We just got back from one of our cherished Happy Fun No Worries Day experiences, when we just pack the car and go out - usually to the state park and just try to forget about stuff we should be doing at home or thinking that tomorrow is already another Monday.

Today, we ended up at Itasca State Park. Twice, actually. We left about 10 a.m. and had planned to have lunch at the restaurant there and it was closed. So we saw the Headwaters quick and then went to Park Rapids for lunch before heading back to Itasca.

It was one of those days you just know you won't forget. Ray and I always have our best times while outside hiking or backpacking, so taking a walk throughout the park with Lola was just what we needed to welcome spring this year.

And Lola got to try all sorts of new experiences!

First, she tried crawling around in the grass. The first few times we've put her down in grass, she's hated it. But this time, she was happy. Especially while trying to eat leaves. (Which we, of course, tried to keep from actually digesting, but we're not that quick all the time.)

Then, she played in the sand volleyball court for a while and tried to dig her way to China. Seriously, our child was trying to escape us for the Chinese. Made us feel like great parents...

Her absolute favorite part of the day was the swing. She laughed and laughed.

Her least favorite part of the day was the slide. She liked it fine when I held her and let her pretend to slide down, but when she and I went down the little slide together, she screamed. Too young, probably. Oh well.

Ray and I walked throughout the park, then, and pushed her along in her stroller while she pretty much slept through the pretty scenery. But that was OK. By then, she really needed a nap.

Saturday, knowing we wanted to really enjoy our Sunday, we had a Spring Cleaning Day and got the entire house all (mostly) clean and organized. It was exhausting, but overdue. Meanwhile, Lola got to much on her new favorite snack, graham crackers.

It was pretty much an ideal weekend here, from my standpoint. Happy family time, nice weather, no bugs (yet).

Have a great week!
- Bethany :)


Naomi Evans said...

Looks like it was a beautiful day. Sorry we couldn't meet up with you guys this weekend. Hopefully see you again soon!

mk said...

Sounded like a splendid day! I hope you have lots and lots of them this spring and summer. Maybe Grandma can come up this summer and explore with Lola too. She looks happy in her nature element...must be the Wesley side:)...

David and Mary Kay said...

Sounds and looked fabulous! We should follow your lead and do the same down here.....yeah right! Looks like you had the perfect day. Nice
Love ya all and miss ya,
Grandpa Dave