Friday, May 8, 2009

Rest in peace, Grandma

My grandmother, Bette, passed away yesterday (Thursday). So we are getting ready for a visitation on Sunday and a funeral Monday. Not how I pictured my first Mother's Day, but it is what it is.

She hadn't been herself in recent years. But I've been thinking lately about who she used to be, how we used to all be together. Sitting on her porch overlooking the Lake Belle Taine in Nevis, playing cards around the dining room table, watching her cook and get everything ready to feed a hungry mob of Norgaards. I also remember her telling me to go sit on the davenport (in the living room) and being so confused. Who knew davenport was another word for sofa?!

But, for me, what I remember the most is this pillow. She had the greatest pillow. It was a square, down-filled pillow about 18 inches on each side. The cover changed over the years, but I remember this silky, light blue cover. Grandma kept it under her bed and used it at nighttime to prope herself up so she could read. When I was little, we had this little game where I would try to get that darned pillow -- it was the best! -- and she would sometimes hide it or say that it was gone, or something. Of course, I always got it in the end, and I would lay on my tummy with it under my arms while we watched TV at night.

Of course, it's not the pillow itself that I remember, but her...

Lola's middle name, Elizabeth, was given to her in honor of this grandma; Bette was shortened from Elizabeth. The "first" Lola, my mother's mother, passed away several years ago.

We are doing well, considering. It wasn't a shock when Grandma passed yesterday. Her health had been declining and there were signs in the past week or so. But, it's still sad. Of course, I'm sad more so for myself, because I know she isn't in pain and that she can speed-walk all throughout everywhere now.

Not the most uplifting post today, I'm sure. Sorry about that. But it's what's going on our lives.

Take care, have a nice weekend! Enjoying fishing opener and/or Mother's Day.
- Bethany :)

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mk said...

That was a beautiful story...I love you