Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm not ready...

(This is Lola enjoying her first bowl of chicken noodle soup.)

My baby is no longer my little baby anymore. Now, she's just a whirlwind.

Seriously. And, I don't know when this happened.

It was just last week that Lola was standing up while holding onto furniture. She was proud of herself, but she got really freaked out when/if she let go, and she would immediately clamp back onto something. Now she couldn't care less about hanging on to stuff and she is cruising all over the house. (Or as Ray says, she sashays along.)

I'm just really not ready for this toddler stuff yet.

I mean, Lola got her first birthday pictures taken last weekend and I mailed her party invitations this week -- but I still had not really faced that she's almost one. But yesterday evening, everything just changed. I needed to get a story done (more like a new brief) for today's paper so I was on the laptop on the couch. I set Lola down across the room with her "fuzzes" and her toys. And I got to work -- but she managed to stand herself up, get the couch and "cruise" all the way over to me in a mater of moments. It was unreal. So I set her back down and the same thing happened (Lola loves the laptop). I finally ended up having to stand in the kitchen with the laptop on the counter while I got my stuff done.)

I know, I know: "They grow so fast."

And they do. I know that. I just wasn't ready!

The little baby who used to shriek for hours because she was gassy has grown into the little kid who takes her diaper off every time right after I put it on. The baby who would only sleep if on our chests is now our girl who is kicking the sides of her cribs so hard at nighttime that she gets little bruises on her feet. That bald-ish baby with cradle cap now has a head full of blonde ringlets.

Yesterday, Lola tried walking for the first time. She took two steps (maybe 1.5) before falling. I wasn't there to see it; I was doing laundry. But Ray told me all about it. Sure enough, she showed me a few moments later that she's no longer afraid to stand without holding onto a knee or table leg.

So I'm in a little bit of a daze today, forgive me. I know they can change overnight, I just wasn't ready!

- Bethany :)

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mk said...

She is sure doing lots at once! Glad you get to enjoy every minute of it. Maybe soon teeth will be next?! Can't wait to see her again...