Monday, June 29, 2009

a new toy

After packing up the Jumperoo, the walker (that Lola never liked), and all her baby toys, our house has gotten pretty bare lately. Very bare, in fact. And, Lola has seemed to be getting a little bored with her toys. (Or has that been her parents? Hard to tell.)

So, we went out and bought a new toy on Sunday. And, at the risk of sounding very commercial-ish, it's the coolest toy ever.

Lola, who has somehow in the past few weeks gotten very smart, knew as soon as she saw the box that it was hers. I'm not sure if it is the colors or the kids on the box, but she started at the box the whole car ride home and would not leave Ray alone when he began putting the thing together:

So, she earned herself a trip to her crib for naptime, which she was overdue for anyway. Meanwhile, Ray got everything put together so Lola would be surprised when she woke up. (And he and I got to play with the toy on our own first, which was kind of fun.) Anyhow, the toy is the Fisher-Price Musical Jungle. It comes with several colored balls, which can shoot out of an elephant's trunk, be placed on a monkey's hands (like they are being weighed), and roll down down a spiraled ramp. It, of course, has music and flashing lights.

Lola loved it:

That was our Sunday. Earlier in the weekend, we spent time with Ray's parents, who came into town Thursday to baby-sit on Friday. It went great! (Sometimes with Lola you just never know...) She did really good with them and was in her happy, cooperative mood, which is always appreciated.

We don't have day care on Fridays this summer, so we expect to have visitors throughout the next two months. It was nice to see Ray and Jean this weekend, and it was even nicer to see Lola respond to them so positively! Maybe she is finally growing out of her phase when she just wants Mommy or Daddy... That would be awesome.

That's about it here. We're gearing up for a three-day weekend, hoping for some nice weather.

Have a good week,
- Bethany :)


David and Mary Kay said...

Your "Baby" isn't such a baby any more! she looks so grown up in the pictures with the new toy. She must of had a growth spurt in the past 2 weeks 'cause she was still our baby when you were here! Fun. Can't wait to see her again soon, (and yes her mom & dad too!)

Grandpa Dave

mk said...

I miss her ( and you) so much you mom

Wendy said...

Oooooh, she's so sweet. I love the photos. I really miss you guys!