Monday, June 22, 2009

The zoo, a party, and so much more!

Some trips are just too jam-packed full of events to pick just one favorite moment! Was it the Wesley visit to the zoo? The screaming contest between Lola and cousin Micah? Meeting my brand-new niece Katelyn? Lola's first birthday portraits? Nope, too hard to pick just one.

So, we'll take it day by day (sorry in advance if this gets a bit long).

Thursday night, Ray and I (and Lola) left Bemidji for St. Cloud, where Ray was lucky enough a few months ago to have won a free night's stay at Country Inn & Suites, which was simply lovely. We got there about 9 p.m. and played for just a little bit before Lola went down (eventually) for the night. We didn't enjoy too many of the hotel's perks, but we really had a great time in our hotel room (yay for Jacuzzis!) and there was a super nice staff member who kept us company during the complimentary breakfast. (Do I sound like a commercial?)

Even Lola seemed to enjoy her new surroundings:

Friday morning, we left about 7:30 a.m. and went to Como Zoo, where the three of us had a little family time before Ray left for a weekend with his friends. Lola didn't really notice the animals too much unless they made giant movements or something. She especially took notice of the giant tortoise and the fish. She also loved the itty bitty penguins - until, at my urging, Ray got a little closer than Lola was comfortable with.

Here is Lola entranced with the fish: (She was so cute, her head would jerk sideways as she tried to follow the little ones darting all over in the tanks.)

Then, when it was time to relax and have a bottle, Lola and Ray decided to just relax for a moment:

Then, we all went over to meet the newest member of our family, two-day-old Katelyn Rose. She was such a doll. And Amber is the best big sister!

From there, Lola and I said good-bye to Ray and spent the next two days with my side of the family, playing with her cousins and bonding with her grandparents and aunts and uncles. We did some shopping, had some pictures taken for Lola's upcoming first birthday (eek!) and had a birthday party/Father's Day party Saturday for Grandpa Dave.

It was great fun -- and it all went by way too quickly.

Sunday afternoon, we went over to Totino's in Mounds View, a Wesley family favorite, to meet Grandma and Grandpa Wesley, aunt Wendy, uncle Charles and cousin Alex, the recent college graduate. We had fun, but Lola was kind of in a shrieking mood, much to the dismay of the family seated immediately next to us.

(Side note: I, too, know how amazingly annoying it can be to hear a fussy baby or toddler while you are out to eat with a date or with your family. But it's not as if: A, us parents can really muzzle the kid (Family Services tends to frown on that); B, that us parents would purposely bring a child out into the public if we had prior knowledge that s/he was going to act like we were trying to physically injure said child; or C, rolling your eyes, sending us dirty looks, and/or covering your ears is not going to magically quiet the infant down. If anything, it's only going to further stress out us already nervous parents and the child will pick up on the fact that his/her parents are upset and scream more. So relax.)

Grandma Jean was so nice to take Lola out and walk her around a bit, and I tried too, but after about 45 minutes, it became clear that Lola was just plain ready to go back to Bemidji. So we did.

So now we are back to work and day care, respectively, and adjusting to being home. With the mosquitoes (I swear they are finding a place to breed inside our house). We are looking forward to seeing Grandma and Grandpa Wesley later this week as they come into town for to help us with Friday day care issues. And, you never know, maybe Ray and I will get out for an hour or so in honor of our fourth wedding anniversary.

We shall see.

Anyhow, have a great week!
- Bethany :)


David and Mary Kay said...

It was such a great weekend, just way to short! Baby is getting so grown up, probably be walking by the time we see her again! Asking for the car keys will be next! 1 year old soon, amazing. She is so much fun, and I think Roma has found a new play buddy.
Happy anniversary too!
Love you all and miss you already. (well Sunday by 1:00 we were saying that!)
Can't wait til the next visit!
Love ya,
Grandpa Dave

Auntie Jane said...

Don't worry about other people rolling their eyes! Just worry about you and your family and your happiness. Your multiple choices were hilarious.


Wendy said...

I didn't even notice that anyone was put out by the noise we were making at Totino's.
Maybe you ought to give them the hand signal you give Raymond when he's bad? ;-)
Naw, just ignore them. They can move if they are that put out. How could you be, by that sweet little girl?
Love you guys!!!!