Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First birthday!!!

My little Lola,

Happy birthday Boo-Boo! I can't believe you are already one year old!

This year has been the most wonderful year ever for me. I can't imagine having lived it without you (sure, I might have gotten a lot more sleep, but I also would have had way too many less smiles and laughs).

Mommy doesn't have a whole lot of patience, so this past year has been a learning experience. From early sleepless nights, to gassiness and hiccups, to stranger fear, and to (eventually) teething. If anything, this first year has probably gotten me ready for the toddler years (or so I hope).

First smiles, laughs, claps and more. The first year is just a blur of fabulous memories. Thank you.

Have a great birthday!

Love you tons,

Editor's note: I e-mailed Ray this morning and asked if he wanted to add anything to this post. His response is as follows (with some editing).

The top 10 most commonly heard phrases at the Wesley household:

1. Love you.
2. Stop!
3. No!
4. Help!
5. Stop!
6. Boo-Boo.
7. Lola (usually followed by Stop! or No!)
8. Mmmmmm (as in nummy).
9. No, don't chase the bug! (Followed by "No, don't eat the bug.")
10. Watch out she's gonna fall! (Bethany's favorite)

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