Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just a few more days...

... left until our baby officially enters toddlerhood!

(Doesn't she have the most fantastic pout face?!)

And we're already seeing signs of what's to come. Lola is throwing tantrums, little bitty cute ones mostly. But every now and then we do get a few full-blown meltdowns. Usually because she wants to pound on the laptop, but also when we won't let her suck on batteries or steak knives.

Despite that, she's still adorable. She is dancing more and more and trying to jump. No interest in walking, of course, but she is a total copycat. She's getting better and better at waving and is very slowly learning to blow kisses. (Slowly meaning she has no idea, but smiles when I do it ... so I figure it's only a matter of time.)

Some interesting facts about Lola, in honor of her upcoming first birthday:

- Her favorite color is blue. Really.

- Her favorite toys, out of everything she owns, are balls. She loves to roll them around the house and chase after them. (Sometimes I wonder if Ray and I are raising a little puppy dog; well, a really cute puppy dog...)

- She has no interest in walking, would much prefer to just crawl, probably because it seems like she crawls faster than both Ray and I can walk/run.

- She is still obsessed with gift bags.

We are still trying to get her eating more solids, or "real" people food, but she plays with it more than actually eats it. Although, we did have some success Saturday with mac and cheese:

I am still learning about baby hair and what to do with it. I usually just let it go wild, but I've been playing more with clips.

But I haven't quite gotten it all figured out.

I'll comb it and clip it and make it look pretty:

... but then, after a nap:

Really, I think the wild child look fits her much better!! :)

Well, that's about it from here!

Check back on Tuesday! (I still can't believe she will be one year old is just two days...)

- Bethany :)

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