Monday, July 27, 2009

more pics...

Hello! I'll have more to write this afternoon or tonight, probably, but I wanted to share just a few more pictures that I hadn't gotten around to posting yet.

One of the super nice parts of going to the Cities last Friday afternoon for Lola's party was that we got to spend Friday evening and nightttime with Lola's Wisconsin cousins. We don't get to see them too often - but it was so much fun to see the kids all play together.

(And watch little Lola try repeatedly to steal Amber's pacifier.)

This little guy took to Lola right away. He was so sweet with her, playing a rolling game of catch. I didn't get the camera soon enough to grab a picture of the cousins together. But they played lots! (Here, he was playing with his Unlcle Raymond.)

Coming up are just two photos that I love from Lola's party (yeah, it was a week ago, but I am still a bit behind).

This a picture of Ray playing with Lola and baby Lily, (who turned 1 year old today!), and Lily's mommy Allison. Allison is Ray's niece, so you figure out the technical connections. I get confused after cousin. Anyhow, it's a great picture. I ehard later that Lily, who has been walking for several months now, tried to get Lola to stand up and walk, but it didn't work too well!

And this picture I just love because of who is in it! These girls are too great. I just love them all. They were our three flower girls in our wedding more than four years ago(!) - and it's not like we merge our greater families together too often, so they haven't seen each other in quite some time.

They're just great girls!

More recently, we had a nice weekend, more or less. More meaning we had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa Wesley through Saturday. Lola was just an angel for them ... and then they left. And Lola got cranky and super clingy. I don't know if she is teething more or if the switch to real milk is throwing her off, but Sunday was not what you would call an easy day.

The only time she seemed even halfway happy was outside helping her daddy in the garden. She has always loved gardening with Ray. He sprays the hose and she touches the water, laughs and pulls away.

But what is especially cute about the following pictures is that Lola hates to be dirty. She gets mad if she gets sand or dirt on her hands usually - but yesterday she started on the quilt in the background and just bolted for the garden.

Too cute!

Have a good week!
- Bethany :)

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