Monday, August 10, 2009

back home in Bemidji

I love this picture. Ray and Lola have a special bond and it's so sweet to see them playing together, especially outside where Ray is happiest.

We had a great weekend, although it didn't go quite as we had planned.

Lola and I made it to the Cities Friday afternoon, thanks to a ride from a friend of mine up here in Bemidji. Ray joined us later Friday night, about 11 p.m., after he finished his laundry.

Saturday, we had two first birthday parties to attend, which were fun! But it was so hot! We spent a couple of hours in Maplewood and then booked it to Bloomington, where I swear it was even hotter. Lola was miserable in the heat and she was overtired. So we, unfortunately, didn't stay as long as we'd planned and left early.

And decided to just go back home. So, our usual 4-hour ride to Bemidji took us about 5, and the air-conditioning decided to quit on us about 20 minutes into the drive. Ray was thrilled. I just slept it off.

Yesterday, we spent some much-needed time just hanging out at home. And grocery shopping, but mostly just sitting at home and playing with Lola.

Who still is not walking yet. But she is getting close. Just needs a bit more confidence.

She is talking up a storm though, now. She say "ball," "Mama," "Mum" and "Yum" - but yum is really more of "Ymmm-ymm" as she tries to mimic "num-num" and "yummy" and just squishes them together. It's super cute, though. She doesn't really say "dada" ever, which is frustrating to Ray, but every now and them she'll say "Da" and reach for him.

Besides that, live continues. We are trying to make some new recipes at home, one of which Lola really liked last night. Just look at that smile!

Lola, for the past week or two, has consistently been sitting at the dinner table with us for supper. (Which is new for Ray and I, too, since we're used to eating on the couch, but whatever...) She has now learned that when you put her in the high chair and the table is set, she knows she is getting some new foods! She loves chicken (especially chicken tacos), potatoes, onions and watermelon. She also enjoys pizza, but I can't get her to eat any pasta noodles. Yet. We're working on it!

- Bethany :)

P.S. When I changed the blog's appearance, a few things changed as well. Just if you're interested, you can still make comments, but the "comments" button is really light. FYI.

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mk said...

I love that picture! You should put it on facebook. I miss her, and you, already. That comment part is really hard to find! Love you mom