Monday, August 17, 2009

fun times!

Some days you just won't forget. Or at least you hope not to. Sunday was one of those days.

Lola was an absolute joy. The melt-your-heart, cover-in-kisses kind of joy. We made the most of our day. We went to the Headwaters Science Center, cleaned the house (with Lola's un-help of emptying every laundry basket, cabinet and drawer within her reach), and had playtime with Lola. Lots of playtime with Lola.

Something got into Lola and she had a burst of energy. The kind of energy us adults could use, particularly on Monday mornings. But Lola just grabbed her horsey and began running throughout the house. Really running. She went from the living room to the kitchen to and back again for 20 minutes straight. I tried to make her take a break - she was just sweating! - but she was into it and would not be stopped.

Here's a video of her toward the end:

One of the cutest things about her run was that she would encounter something interesting - a red ball, board book, etc. - and she would stick it in the horsey's basket, as if she was saving it for later. Nothing would distract her from her walking practice! So cute.

Then, when I thought she really had to take a break, I gave her some rides on the horsey, which she absolutely loved.

I smile just thinking about it.

The Headwaters Science Center was great fun, also. Lola was quite into the fish and the reptiles. And she enjoyed some of the exhibits. At the time, it was raining outside, so it was a great way to spend the afternoon. What a great place for Bemidji.

It was just a great day. Everyone had fun, even us parents!

Have a great weekend!
- Bethany


Kelly said...

What a cutie! I'm glad you guys had a great weekend at home!

David and Mary Kay said...

That is so precious! She is so coordinated and concentrates so hard...I have a feeling she is going to be athletic...great tennis player!
I just love her huge smile! Mom