Monday, September 21, 2009

Final thoughts

Vacation, for us, was a dream. Ray and I have been talking about taking a trip to South Dakota for several years, but it just never worked out.

The best side effect of the vacation was … that Lola is now off her nuk! This was completely unplanned, but it worked out. We brought two, lost one along the way Wednesday night and lost the other Thursday. We were about 40 miles from the nearest Target (which is the only store I know of that sells her nuks) so we decided to just tough it out. And it really wasn’t any harder than any other bedtime with Lola. So, even after we found the missing nuk Saturday, we just put it away.

So, other questions you may be wondering:

How did Lola do in the car?
Well, Wednesday night she was an angel. She slept for the first few hours, woke up and played/sang for a few hours and then slept the rest of the way to South Dakota. The ride home? Well, it was pretty hell-ish. We tried to make lots of stops for her to play, and we did, but she still got tired of the car seat. We don’t blame her – we were tired of the car, too – but it got kind of old really fast.

How did the teething go?
Touch and go. She had bad moments, but mostly she was great after Thursday afternoon. Still hasn’t popped it through, but it won’t be long.

Did Lola have fun?
I think so. She was an angel for the majority of the trip, laughing and singing. Her verbal skills increased as Ray and I had her saying "more" for more food, "cracker" for graham crackers and "up" to be picked up. So I'm thinking yes, she had a great time. (But she was thrilled to be home, that's for sure.)

How’d the car do?
We actually took a rental, which was wonderful. We got an Escape and loved having the extra room. We gave the ever-aging Focus a well-deserved weekend off.

Did you do everything you’d wanted?
Yes and no. One of the nicest parts of this vacation was that we purposely did not set an itinerary. We just did what we wanted to do at that moment. And it was wonderful! The one thing I do regret not seeing is Crazy Horse, but we just never seemed to have time.

How did you ever convince Ray to miss the Vikings game?!
I didn’t, really. The long story is that I needed to take Thursday, Friday and Monday off of work since day care was closed. That has been planned for months. Well, I was on Facebook one day and saw a new photo of Chris and Jenny and thought that maybe it was a good time to finally make that SD trip. I suggested it to Ray, who jumped on board immediately, and he made plans. It wasn’t until later that we kind of realized that we wouldn’t be able to watch the game. We caught it on the radio and got text updates from his parents. It worked out fine. That said, if it had been any other team than the Lions, we would have had issues.

Thanks for your interest in our trip! If you actually made it through all four entries, I am sufficiently impressed!!!

I’m going to unpack now. Yippee.

-- Bethany :)


David and Mary Kay said...

WOW! Looks like the perfect vacation! Weather couldn't have been nicer. Baby seemed to enjoy herself, but about those snakes. Glad you decided to go.
Can't wait to see you and hear all about it!
Grandpa Dave

mk said...

Cool!! Couldn't be happier that you had such a wonderful time. Great pics! Ray sure looking like his to all mom