Tuesday, September 1, 2009

growing up...

While we all struggle here to recover from varying degrees of colds, I thought I would just share with you the changes we're seeing -- daily -- in Lola and our family.

It's hard to explain; I already typed and deleted eleven paragraphs that weren't able to quite capture what I mean. Basically, before, you could set a watch by Lola: 5 p.m. and she always got just a little cranky. She wanted to be held and for her parents to sit and play with her in the living room. She would crawl around, but never leave your side for long. And always needed to keep you within her sight.

But now, Lola is happy. All of the time. She laughs at everything and everyone. Even when we're not really funny. I called Ray a not-so-nice name the other day (in jest, of course) and Lola laughed for minutes. We sprayed her with water from the sink and she laughed some more. She laughs at the television, she laughs at herself. The whole world is a joke (in a good way).

Lola wants to pick what she's going to play without your help. She will go through her toy bin until she finds what she wants. She is learning to play peek-a-boo by hiding behind furniture and waiting for you to find her. Her favorite game is catch, where she rolls back and forth with us a favorite ball, laughing like crazy every time she makes it roll or bounce. She loves playing the cup game where you hide a ball (my parents' dog's toy) under one of her plastic tea cups, mix them up and let her try to guess which one it's under.

But more so than anything else, Lola loves her books. While we have baby-proofed all of the cabinets in the house, there is one that remains accessible to her at all times (purposely). It's the cabinet with her books. And at least three times a night, she will go to her cabinet and take out all of her books, paging through her favorites and handing the ones to you that she wants you to read to her. It's amazing. She is learning animal sounds and colors. She loves the books that have different textures that she can touch (although, for some odd reason, she rubs her cheek against the the books instead of her fingers - it's very odd).

I swear, she's also gotten a foot taller this week.

Fun times!
-- Bethany :)


mk said...

That was fabulous...both Dave and I really loved this blog. Miss you so much...makes me teary eyed. Love mom

WM said...

That is sooooo sweet! I hope you all feel better very soon!

mk said...

LOVE the new look!