Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day weekend

Lola is certainly getting bigger! She is teaching herself new skills ever day, lately focusing mostly on ways to get into trouble! No matter how much baby-proofing you do, with Lola it will never be enough! (This week she learned how to take items out of the garbage cans and recycling bins, how to unroll toilet paper, and how to remove all of the towels from the linen cabinet.)

More so, though, she is walking. Everywhere. Seeing her toddle all over the place has really brought tears to my eyes. I know, I know: They get big so fast. I just have a hard time seeing my "baby" running all over the house.

She walks everywhere now. Which is nice because she can wear dresses again (she used to get all tripped up in them while crawling).

We are so very proud of her, watching her grow and learn more each day.

Here other favorite pastime is playtime. She has always loved to play peek-a-boo, but now she has learned how to hide behind furniture on her own and peek out at you. It is super cute. You can't help but giggle right along with her, even when you're on repetition No. 20 or 30 of "Where's Lola?" and "Peek-a-boo!"


We spent this past weekend at my dad's "cabin" in Nevis, Minn. We had such a nice time! Especially since, for the first time, she didn't scream when she saw him! Yay! She was a little shy, but it was a vast improvement! Hopefully, when she sees him again this coming weekend, she may even offer a smile? (Or am I getting greedy?)

Lola has always loved fish - in fact, she even got a set of her own fish about a week ago. (Photos of that to come maybe later in the week.)

Ray took Lola on the dock to see the fish and she loved it. And, I must say, this is one of my favorite pictures ever:

We had such a wonderful weekend. We played games and got to see cousins Amber and Katelyn. (I don't think Lola knew what to make of Katie, though. She knew she was in a bouncy chair and Lola kept trying to catapult her. Had to keep a very close eye on the 1-year-old, that's for sure.)

The nicest surprise of the weekend was that Lola loves to swim! Lately, we've hit a speedbump when it comes to bathtime. I think she had a diaper rash a few weeks ago that stung a little bit when I placed her in the tub. So now she screams whenever she gets close to the tub.

So this weekend, when I swimming with my niece, Amber, Lola was sitting with Ray on the dock. I took Lola only with the intention of dipping her toes in the water. But she laughed and giggled and started splashing! So I did a little bit more. And she loved it. So she just went swimming in her clothes Saturday night.

And on Sunday, we all took a dip in the lake! What a great time.

The weekend ended at my Grandpa's house for a nice dinner before we all got on the road to head home.

Lola isn't too often exposed to stairs, but Grandpa has three stairs that lead to a fireplace/rec room off of the living room. Lola - and us - found that she knew how to climb the stairs. It was so cute. She would get to the top, turn around and reach for me, and I would put her back on the bottom.

She was so proud of herself.

While in Nevis, we also got to stop by Grandma Bette's resting place and saw her headstone. It is absolutely beautiful. And I just love how it has her and Grandpa's wedding date in the middle, surrounding by a pair of rings. Still makes me sad, of course, but it was just as I would have pictured it. Perfect.

This weekend, we head south to the Cities for baby Katelyn's baptism. And, then, on the 16th, we're taking our first-ever family vacation! More on that to come.

Take care, everyone. Have a good week.
- Bethany :)

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mk said...

What great stories! Did I mention recently how proud we are of your writing talents?! Grandma Abe would be so proud. Can't wait to see all of you!