Monday, September 14, 2009

Such a busy weekend!

We are still recovering a bit from this weekend, that's for sure. What a whirlwind! But it was all a very nice time (except for the rides in the car -- we really need to get the air-conditioning fixed soon).

We got into town Friday about 10 p.m., which was a bit late for all of us. Especially since Ray and I got up at the crack of dawn Saturday to head to the Target Center to see President Obama! (More on this to come tomorrow, maybe. I might do something for work so I don't want to post any stories or photos until I know what I am doing in the newspaper.)

The trip to Minneapolis was possible thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Wesley, who oh-so-kindly took care of Lola for the day while Ray and I had some "alone time" with 12,000 other people.

Afterward, we then met up with the Wesleys to have some lunch at Totino's (which was excellent, by the way) before heading to Cottage Grove for this little one's baptism:

Katelyn is so beautiful! We were so incredibly happy to be able to celebrate her baptism with her and her family. And, I must say, the idea of a "family room" for church - very cool!

After the church service, we went back to Katelyn's house for a little get-together and party, where Lola decided to show off her walking skills.

And then there is this photo, which instantly makes me think of the book I am reading now, "Raising Your Spirited Child." Look at this face and tell me that she isn't plotting how to get into trouble next?!

But, as always, Ray offers a new perspective on things:

Sunday was spent at a park in St. Louis Park where we took part in a family reunion. It was so much fun! We had such a nice time seeing relatives that we don't seen nearly often enough. And, the weather was perfect for sitting in the shade. It was just a very nice nice afternoon.

And, we also got a picture of all of my parents' grandkids - in one shot! Amazing!

Life is going to be a bit of a whirlwind this week as we plan to leave Wednesday for our first-ever "family" vacation to the Black Hills. We are trying to get packed, planned and ready to go by Wednesday afternoon! So exciting!

- Bethany :)

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WM said...

She does look like she's plotting something, and yet oh so sweet in that dress. It's fabulous. Where did you get it?
Hope you guys have fun at the Black Hills - I'm totally jealous!
Take care!