Thursday, October 15, 2009

15-month appointment

Lola had her 15-month check-up today. What an experience these doctor trips are becoming! Really, I'm starting to wonder if it wouldn't in some ways be better if she was ill more often so she wouldn't just know right away what she is in for when we get to the office.

But I'm being a little dramatic: Of course we know we're so incredibly fortunate to have a healthy child.

Lola, our adorable intense and spirited child, screamed as soon as she saw the nurse.

And began shrieking as soon as the poor nurse tried to measure her head.

The appointment went downhill quickly thereafter. The nurse thought it would be best if she left the room while Ray and I weighed Lola on the machine. Well, I sat her down on the scale and Lola stood up and jumped back into my arms. Screaming, of course.

Ray had to take over at that point.

Anyhow, the stats:

Height: 31 1/4 inches (75th percentile)
Weight: 25 pounds, 9 ounces (80th percentile)
Head: 18 1/4 inches (70th or 90th percentile - Ray swears it was 90 and I thought I heard 70; take your pick)

She got four shots today, two in each leg. Our regular nurse, Nurse Helpful, is wonderful and we love her as she knows Lola pretty darned well. She was accompanied today by Younger Nurse, who was a bit less accustomed to Lola's very vibrant personality.

Younger Nurse had a difficult time keeping Lola still for her shots, as Lola would wrestle herself free and kick at her.

Finally, afterward, Younger Nurse half chuckled and said, "I think she is the strongest kid I've ever dealt with."

Yep, that's Lola. Strong.

What a compliment. Strength (I, obviously, mean this beyond just the physical sense) is underrated. Life takes strength. So much strength.

So, yeah, Lola might still be taking the occasional warm bottle and not wearing shoes or boots ... but she's strong.

I'll take that any day.

Have a great week!
- Bethany :)

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mk said...

Brings back memories of when I went with you and Lola for one of the checkups! She will keep you running I think!