Tuesday, October 27, 2009

changes ahead

We've had an interesting week in Bemidji. And we're just now starting to return to our normal schedules.

Some more than others.

Wednesday, I was at work when I suddenly felt as if I was getting warm. Within an hour, I was ill. I got my butt home and into bed almost immediately and slept 41 of the following 48 hours. And then, almost as quickly as it came on, it was gone. But it was a rough two days Thursday and Friday.

Saturday, I was finally feeling better and Ray had to work all day, so Lola and I had a Mommy and Me day at home. Which I so much needed after being sick. I hate being home and not playing with her or spending time with her. It is simply devastating to see her look at you with those big blue eyes, holding out a book or a toy. And I couldn't play. It was so sad.

But Saturday we had fun! Of course, Lola had a a weak cold that day (it dissipated by Sunday), but we played with all of her toys and made a nice mess in the house. Great times.

Sunday, all three of us were able to get together and watch football and play all day. We had such a nice time.

And Sunday became a day of change for Lola....

A few things to know: We're fairly laid-back parents. We have tried several times to get her off bottles and using sippy cups, but she likes warm milk and still won't drink it cold. But we haven't really forced her to change. We've suggested it in many, many ways, but never forced her.

So we began, on Sunday, the long - very slow - process to get her off bottles.

Step one: water. We replaced her milk bottles with water. She still gets her warm milk bottle at bedtime and once right before Ray and I go to sleep. But her other bottles (nap time, crabby time, etc.) all have warm-ish water.

This is where we are now.

Step two: (starting this Sunday) will be to replace all bottles with water bottles. If she wants her milk - warm or not - it will need to come from her sippy cup.

Step three (in a while, seeing on how step two goes): cold milk in sippy cups, water in bottles. Until she just loses interest in the water all together.

So how is step one going? Pretty well. Kind of. Sort of.

The first day was great. She loved the water and didn't fight it at all. She was happy for the milk, too, but it was nice to see her actually eating more real table foods than just snacking or trying things.

Yesterday didn't go as well. Something is going on. Lola is either teething or coming down with something or just plain unhappy. She went to bed at 7:30 p.m. (late) and got her milk bottle. But when she was done, she started to cry. And kept crying. And then cried some more. We gave her water at 8 p.m., but she just chucked the bottle at us. She finally fell asleep about 9 p.m., but woke up at 11:30 p.m. and whined and whimpered until 2 a.m. She wasn't thirsty or anything. Just sad and mad.

My guess is her teeth are hurting her so she just doesn't want any kind of bottle.

I guess we'll see how tonight goes.

The other big change from Sunday? SHOES!

Miss Lola, who had seemingly hated shoes (she has even taken to throwing mine in the recycling bins), was getting dressed Sunday afternoon (yeah, Sunday was a PJ day for the Wesleys) and Ray suggested that we try putting her in shoes again.

We put on the shoes ... and Lola smiled.

We stood her up ... and Lola grinned.

She took a step ... and fell flat on her face.

OK, it took a few minutes until she learned how to maneuver with the rubber soles. But once she got going, she didn't want to stop.

We all went out and celebrated. We went to Target (to look at buying even more shoes). Lola doesn't mind shopping, but she gets aggravated that we don't let her walk in stores. With socked feet, I just didn't think she should walk all around a store.

But now ... we got in the front door and I stood her up right away. She looked at me, as if wondering whether I knew I had bypassed the carts. And I let her run. She walked throughout the whole store. Yes, she fell several times, but she always got back up and ran to the next area of interest.

(We also learned that toy aisles are very recognizable, even to a 15-month-old. And they are nearly impossible to coax a child out of.)

Since Sunday, Lola has also learned that if she wears shoes, we let her play outside, which is her absolute favorite thing to do. So she is seeing the benefits.

It was cute Monday morning, when I got her dressed for day care. I was all done with her socks and ready to go when she threw a temper tantrum in her bedroom. I didn't know what was wrong, so I asked her to show me. She walked over to her dresser, opened the shoe drawer and handed me a pair of pink tennis shoes.

"Oos," she insisted, sitting down.

So I put her shoes on and she ran to the front door, ready for day care.

So my daughter is finally a shoe girl. And I'm happy to have a new shoe friend.

Now I just have to convince her to stop throwing my shoes in the garbage...

Have a good week!
- Bethany


Anonymous said...

Uh oh! I hope she doesn't love shoes as much as her mommy loves her shoes! Although, I'm sure it won't take quite as many pairs of shoes to line the perimeter of her crib! :-)

mk said...

Love the shoes...just like mom! Kelly's comment was great! Hi Kel!
Lola is growing up so fast...wonder if she will like it outside once the icky snow comes and never leaves for months and months and months!