Saturday, October 10, 2009

first snow!

This was it. We saw it falling last night (Friday) and woke up this morning to see our new, white landscape.

After playing for about an hour this morning, Lola finally noticed the snow through the window and was mesmerized. She kept pointing outside, which is her way of telling us, "I want to go over there!"

After about 15 minutes, I gave in (I kind of wanted to wait for Ray to wake up). I got her into her snowsuit, I put boots on her for about 2 minutes while she shrieked at me (have I yet told about the shoe situation? How much she hates them?) , took the boots off, added four more pairs of socks, and off we went.

Meanwhile, I went outside in a T-shirt and sweatpants. I mean, it's not *that* cold, only about 25. (OK, I figured it would be about 35, so I just checked - yeah, 25 is fairly cold. Probably should have worn a sweatshirt, at least.)

Anyhow, we went outside and I set in down and she seemed OK. Then, quickly seemed irritated with her hood (that one was non-negotiable, so it stayed on) and then touched the snow. She quickly pulled back, looked at me, and did it again.

All that took about 4 seconds. About a half-second later, she fell backward. Apparently, it's hard to stay in a sitting position while in a snowsuit. She just laid there with this sad, confused look on her face.

So I took her back inside.

And she screamed. Loudly. For a long time! (OK, it was probably only 3-4 minutes, but it felt like 30. I asked her what she wanted and she ran to the door, pointing outside with vigor. So I gave in and took her back outside.

What did she want to do? She wanted me to hold her and take her to see everything that was covered in white: the shovel, the grill, the car, etc. She didn't believe me that it was all the same, cold snow. She just wanted to double-check it all.

I humored her up until the point she started pointing at individuals leaves.

And we went back inside, where she cried for a few moments until she realized cartoons were on TV.

Now we're doing fine.

(Although I did shut the blinds on the windows.)

Happy winter!?
- Bethany :)

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A work in progress said...

OMG! Lola is so super adorable! I've fallen off the planet for a bit...but I'm pushing the follow button right now. :) A very belated Congrats, and you look great!!