Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cities: Day 3

On Sunday, we three Wesleys left my parents to return to Maple Grove for a day with the other Wesleys. Ray and Ray went downtown for the Vikings game while us girls spent a day playing and eating.

Before the guys took off, though, Lola got to play with her Grandpa a little bit. For some reason, Lola does not like cuddling much with me.

So it drives me absolutely crazy when I see this:

OK, not really. I'm super glad she loves spending time with her grandparents! It is so cool to watch her form bonds with people that she may not see weekly, but remembers as special people in her life.


Since we had yet another four-hour drive ahead of us, I thought it might be a good idea to just take Lola outside and let her run around. So we took her to her most favorite place: the park.

We had so much fun watching her explore and run around. It is especially cute because Lola hates to get dirty. At this suburban park, the playground floor is filled with sand (up here they are usually wood chips) so every time she stumbled, she would hold her palms up and wait from you to come brush her off until she is clean.

She also is teaching herself about pathways and surfaces. So she would walk from the grass, over a paved trail, to the grass on the other side, turn around and do it again. She did this, I kid you not, like 100 times. Walk three feet, turn around, walk three feet, turn around, etc.


Lola also learned a new way to eat: by feeding herself completely. I knew this was coming soon. She's been trying super hard to feed herself with a spoon this past week or so. She is very independent. So I have always enjoyed the times that I can sit and feed her. Even if it just means breaking up her grilled cheese into tiny squares.

But she decided she's done.

(On Saturday, during the party, she saw the twins sitting in their booster seats taking their own small bites of larger-sized foods. So I'm sure that's where the idea came from.)

She decided that she wanted to sit on her own and eat her grilled cheese herself. She even threw a little fit when I tried to spoon her some mashed potatoes. She wanted to do it all herself. And she did - even if 80 percent of it ended up on the floor (sorry Grandma!).


After the big win (yay Vikes!), we went to Totino's for dinner with one of Ray's sisters and a niece and nephew. We ha a wonderful time - well, except Lola was really fussy by then. I actually didn't even take any pictures (*gasp*) because I was out walking with Lola in the parking lot.

It was nice to catch up!


So that was our big weekend. Trips "home" fly by too quickly and we never get enough time with everyone. But we try.

OK, now I'm going home to play our new Wii! (Shh, don't tell Ray this, but it is driving me completely batty that he keeps beating me at tennis, which just should NOT happen. Ever. It would be like me beating him in football: even if it is a video game, it's just not cool.)

Happy Thanksgiving!
- Bethany :)

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