Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This was Lola Thursday at her second Thanksgiving meal. Other than her not quite understanding the concept of crossing her legs, she's such a big girl!

All day I couldn't help but remember last year's Thanksgiving, when Ray and I had our own little Thanksgiving with the cutest centerpiece of all:

We spent Thanksgiving at my Dad's place in Nevis, where we enjoyed a delightful afternoon with the Norgaards. And, of course, we all ate too much.

Lola loved her meal, although she focused mostly on mashed potatoes. I, of course, forgot to pack her bib, so we just let her get a little messy. She did pretty well, considering.

Of course, her favorite part of the meal was the dessert, where she had a little help from her Grandpa Al as he gave her some of Great-Grandpa Norgaard's famous pumpkin pie.

We all also had some fun away from the dinner table.

Lola was quite taken with the plastic on the windows. (I didn't get pictures of that, though, because I was too busy trying to keep her away from the plastic on the windows. She has sharp fingernails...)

My aunt Peg also found Lola some wooden toys to play with. She loves seeing new things!

Lola's favorite toys, though, as always, are her books. Just like her mom.

Of course, while we all had a great time getting together and sharing food and laughs, we also all were missing Grandma. The first holidays are always the hardest, I think. Ray and I (and Lola) stopped by her grave site Thursday as we left Nevis. Just to say hi. The cemetery there is just picturesque, sitting above and alongside the lake. On Thursday night, when we stopped by, the sun was setting just behind Grandma's marker. It was beautiful. And sad, but mostly beautiful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone (a few days late).
- Bethany :)

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