Monday, November 30, 2009

"It's the most wonderful time of the year"

The tree is up and decorated! (*grin*)

Of course, nothing is easy in the Wesley household!

I've always been a "real" tree fan, having grown up in a household where the Christmas spirit only arrived once the tree made it inside and our home began to finally smell like Christmas. However, since we've been married, Ray and I have always just made do with a very nice artificial tree. But, every year I'd say that I really wanted to, someday, get a real tree.

So this year was it. Ray is working to get into the holiday spirit this year so he and Lola went out Saturday to Home Depot to buy a tree while I was at work. (He said he got some pretty strange looks from people as he had a 1-year-old in one arm and an 8-foot-tall tree in the other.)

By the time I got home, the tree was trimmed and in its stand. We were ready to decorate. Or so we thought.

I kind of remembered that when I was young, it always took a few days before we saw the tree finally make it indoors.

So I texted my dad: "How long to let tree sit so branches can fall?"

Answer: "Overnight. Did you trim 1 or 2 inches off the bottom?"


Me: "Um, no, why?"

Then I got a very long text explaining that if you don't trim the trunk on a live tree it will seal up and die.

Ray, the environmental man that he is, also said something similar to "crap" under his breath as he realized that, yes, my dad's explanation made a great deal of sense.

So, the tree came down, albeit temporarily. And Ray trimmed a few inches from the trunk. And I vacuumed and Ray put the tree back up.

And, even before she saw it all decorated, Lola was a fan of the Christmas tree:

Fun times!

Ray and I worked, after she went to bed,to decorate the whole house last night. We didn't get everything done (only because I forgot to switch out the dinnerware's springtime designs for the Christmas set), but we did pretty well.

We even let Lola get a sneak peek of the newly decorated house.

In retrospect, this was a terrible idea. It only got her all wound up before her real bedtime. But I am not home tonight (city council, sort of) and I wanted to see her reaction. Again, in retrospect, I would just let Ray take a video or something. She cried a lot when we tried to put her back to bed. Oh well. Live and learn.


In other Lola news, I, occasionally, try to relax a bit and let her enjoy life - even if it means creating a totally unnecessary mess.

Sunday was one of those times.

She so wants to be feeding herself. She is getting mad if you break her food into small pieces or try to feed her. I'm trying to let go. Really. But it's hard. It's just one more step away from babyhood.

Anyhow, I let her try to giver herself applesauce Sunday afternoon. Her dad was watching the Vikings game and thought she could use some free time.

Wasn't long after she got a bath, too:

And just in case someone might want the live version:



I leave you, today, with another "messy kid" photo, but this one, I think, should be captioned "trouble" - Lola just looks like she's plotting something!

- Bethany :)

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