Monday, November 16, 2009

my Birthday Weekend!

So this past weekend, for a change, was not all about Miss Lola all of the time (just 99.9 percent): I officially turned 30 years old on Saturday, so it was my Birthday Weekend. We didn't do too much in terms of celebrating -- that's hard with a 1-year-old -- but we did have lots of fun times.

So, yes, I am 30. I remember when I was young(er) and believed adults must receive some all-knowing power that give them the ability to magically figure out all of the secrets to life. Um, yeah, I didn't get that on my 30th birthday. Maybe it will come on my 35th?! Not that we Wesleys don't all have very nice lives here in Bemidji ... but a path to greater patience, understanding and empathy (as well as perhaps winning Powerball numbers) would be much appreciated.


I know I write this constantly: But I can't believe how much Lola grows each week. If not in terms of actually height, her personality is forming more and more. She loves to be silly, loves to make us laugh. She is quite serious around other people and rarely will smile for anyone else, but with us, she's a regular showboat.

The following set of pictures were taken last night (Sunday). She doesn't often get to climb on the furniture, but she didn't want to play as much as just chew on her teether, so I brought her up on the couch with me. We place the coffee table directly in front of the couch when Lola is awake to keep her from getting to the Ponytail Bonsai plant (in the background) because she pulls off its leaves. When she would lean forward to try to climb on the table, I literally pushed her backward until she fell against the couch cushions.

The first time she laughed. The second time, she laughed more. By the third time, it became a game. She would lean forward, slap the coffee table and then push herself backward so she fell onto the back of the couch.

Truly, there is nothing more genuinely beautiful than a child's belly laugh. Lola was laughing so hard she was squeaking. I wanted to take a video, so you could understand, but I didn't want to ruin the moment. So you're just going to have to take my word for it.


We celebrated my birthday Saturday afternoon at my favorite place: the mall. We went Christmas shopping for some of our family members and browsed all of the holiday specials. Lola was an absolute angel and she was awarded. While checking out at Joann Fabrics, there was a display of stuffed animals. Lola, of course, wanted the kitten and grabbed it before we could stop her.

Well, she got to take that "meow-meow" home and carried it around with her throughout the weekend. She even slept with it.

After Ray and I wrapped presents Saturday afternoon, Lola also discovered the fun of empty wrapping paper rolls. Ray and I got whacked a few times while she learned how to carry it, but she had a good time.


On Sunday, Lola got to get outside to play twice. Once before the Vikings game at home and once after the game, when we took her to the state park. It certainly was warmer in the morning.

I can't begin to tell you how much she loves to be outdoors (she must get that from her daddy). She knows what outside means, and as soon as she hears it, Lola will run, get her tennis shoes and run to the front door.

I was worried that she would not quite as thrilled to be outside at the state park because she needed to be all bundled up to fight off the chilly wind. But she couldn't have cared less. She kept her hat on (!) and only once took off her mittens to play with a rivet on a picnic table.


Of course, I just had to push my luck to try to get a picture of me and Lola from my Birthday Weekend.

It didn't go well...

But the weekend itself went beautifully -- I couldn't have asked for more.
- Bethany :)

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mk said...

Great blog! Yep...all the answers come at 30! Wouldn't that of been nice. It pleases us so much that you are enjoying every minute with Lola. It goes so are 20 - are your sure?! Love you