Monday, November 2, 2009

overdue picture update

(Isn't this cute? I am pretty sure she is thinking, "Feed me, Daddy. Give me food!")

I thought I would just today share some cute Lola pictures from the past two weeks or so. I've been a little behind on pictures lately, sorry.

First, proof that she is wearing shoes!

This has made life much easier - and also more complicated. Lola does not want to be held or pushed in a shopping cart because she knows she can walk. Which would be fine, if she followed her parents or would not run in the complete opposite direction of where we need to go. But I suppose that is part of the fun of toddler-hood.


Lola also has discovered how comfortable sitting in her chair can be!

It's cute. She doesn't sit too long, but she loves it when you click Elmo's hand and he plays a game. She's getting so big!


It has been fun to see Lola find new ways to play with some of her favorite toys. She learned to walk by pushing her horsey around the house. Now, she is learning to sit on the horsey and push herself around with her feet.

Of course, right now, she only knows how to go backward. But it's fun to see!


But most of our time is spent watching Lola goof around and run from one strange activity to another. She can find joy in the strangest places!

It is so eye-opening to try to see the world through a toddler's view. Seriously, who'd have thought garbage cans and dangling kitchen towels could provide hours of fun?!


Here, as we count down to our finale, is a sampling of the many, many faces of Lola:


And, lastly, some interesting hair pictures.

Lola goes from this after bath time:

... to this:

Happy picture day!
- Bethany :)


mk said...

Oh my gosh! Those are great! I miss her so much!! Can't wait to get snuggled with her...

David and Mary Kay said...

HOLY CANNOLI-Love the curls!!
Such a cutie and growing up so fast. You can just see all the new expressions in her face.
Miss you, love you,

Grandpa Dave