Thursday, November 5, 2009

weekend fun

Isn't this just the greatest thing you've ever seen!? OK, probably not, but for us Wesleys, it's proof that Lola is finally drinking cold milk! Woo-hoo!

But, while she's drinking some milk, she has significantly cut back on the amount. So she is now eating a lot more table foods. She used to like to taste our food and sometimes find something she likes, but now she is eating full meals.

Can you tell pizza is her favorite?!


We had a wonderful weekend, which was made even nicer because I ended up taking Friday off. And Ray got off about noon, so we just had some very nice family time.

Lola is getting older. She's becoming such a smart kid who is trying desperately to interact with us on a different level. It's not so much us trying to entertain her so much as her wanting to play with us.

When I was younger, in my early teens maybe, I remember watching some sort of sitcom on TV with my older brother. I don't remember what it was, but I do recall that it had a laugh track and the jokes were over my head. So I just laughed when the TV audience laughed. And my brother then laughed at me because he knew I didn't get it.

Lola is doing this herself now. Throughout this weekend, whenever Ray and I were laughing about something, Lola would start laughing, too. She didn't know the joke, obviously, but she is understanding now that there is a difference between talking and joking around.

She has even become a bit of a ham herself:


She still loves to climb and she, especially, has learned that there is a world outside of our home. She wants to be outside all of the time, and while we try to allow her lots of playtime outdoors, it is getting colder...

So Ray has developed a compromise. He lets her climb all over him and look out of the window.

She loves it - but she isn't necessarily a tiny baby anymore, and Ray is finding it more and more painful.

But it keeps her happy!


Along the same line, Lola loves to snuggle with Ray. She hasn't quite reached that stage with me, but she likes to relax with her daddy.

Here, she just woke up from a four-hour (!!!) nap Saturday afternoon. She wasn't quite ready to play, so she and Ray had some quiet time.

After about three or five minutes, she was back to her fully energized self, running around the house and causing all sorts of mischief!


And, lastly, I just have to share this video I took Saturday. My car was way overdue for a washing, so we took advantage of the nice weather to run the car through the car wash.

And I taped Lola's reaction. I think the video is about 90 seconds long. Hang with me for the first boring 20-25 seconds before you start to see some reactions.

(Keep in mind the first time Lola went through the car wash was about a year ago. And she laughed the entire time.)

And now?

- Bethany :)

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mk said...

No more taking Lola in the car wash! Poor baby...just like her Grandma...I hate it ever since I got stuck in one.