Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas celebration

We had our first Christmas celebration this weekend as we got together with my dad and the Norgaard family in Nevis. It was a very nice time, but, unfortunately, us Wesleys had to duck out early Saturday to get to Ray's holiday party with his co-workers.

We got to Nevis Friday evening with enough time to let Lola play for a bit before bedtime.

There are two houses full of people that come and get together. But, with little Lola and my brother's two young 'uns, we sometimes end up just having a mini family reunion. Mostly, though, Lola likes to steal her cousins' toys.

Baby Katelyn, who had not been feeling too great before coming up north, was still her happy, smiling self:

Saturday, the Norgaards were kind enough to move up present opening so us Wesleys could take part. It gets more and more chaotic each year with the kids. But it's always a great time!

Lola had no idea what was going on at first, but she quickly learned that it was OK for other people to tear open wrapping paper and boxes, so she wanted to try some, too:

And, again, she hijacked her cousin Amber's toys:

Not that she didn't love her gift: a dog that talks, sings songs and plays games. It's super cute. She gets a bit overwhelmed with all of the people, so she didn't play too much with "Spot" while we were in Nevis, but she hasn't stopped playing with him since.

She even is starting to try "real play" where she treats her animals like "real" animals, or in this case, a real baby:

But more so than anything else, it was nice to see family. And to see Lola finally starting to get comfortable with those she doesn't see on a daily or weekly basis.

OK, I just have to share the following picture. I love it. Mainly because Amber (on the right) is trying so very hard not to look at me or smile, but you can see the little twinkle in her eyes and her failure to completely hide the smile tugging at the corners of her mouth:

And, as a sidenote, Lola learned that she absolutely loves waterbeds. She even got mad when we moved her from the waterbed to her pack-n-play.


And, just for fun, I thought I'd share a few pictures from our outdoors adventure yesterday afternoon. Lola is always happiest outdoors and, apparently, it doesn't even matter if it's cold.

She took two stumbles and got her face wet. It didn't faze her too much, anyway. She was a good sport.

Love loves rides. Inside, she likes to be pushed around in her stroller. Or else, if Ray is in a good mood and open to making a mess, he'll dump out all of the toys in her pink bin and pull her around in that.

Well, we didn't want to try "real" sledding with her right away, so we took the toy bin outside. She loved it. She's not really grinning much in the pictures - but she would scream and fight me if I tried to take her out.

Happy holidays!
- Bethany :)

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