Monday, December 14, 2009

Lola's first play!

I don't know when my parents started it, but we had a tradition each Christmas season to go see a play. It was always a fun outing. I remember, in particular, "The Little Match Girl," and, more recently, "Scrooge" with Richard Chamberlain (even Ray, who was not thrilled to be missing the Vikings-Packers game that year to see a musical, liked "Scrooge" quite a bit).

Anyhow, I decided I wanted to try it this year with Lola.

Ray didn't go; he wanted to watch the Vikes on TV. So Lola and I went to see "Seussical: The Musical" with my friend, Laurie, and her 8-year-old granddaughter.

I didn't have high expectations. I had to wake Lola from her nap and she was definitely not happy about it. So I told Ray: "I give us 5 minutes in the theater before I go out walking the halls with Lola."

Ray: "That long, huh? I give you two."

We got to the the theater and go seats right next to the side of the stage. Seriously. I mean, we were practically on the stage floor. It was cool.

Lola was squirmy before the play started. She saw the stage decorations and all of the bright colors and really wanted to get out and explore everything. She was less than pleased that I was holding her still on my lap.

And then...

The production started with the spotlights and the colorful costumes and the dancing and the singing. And I felt Lola go limp. She just laid back against me and just began taking it all in.

And she didn't move for an hour straight.

Well, actually, that's not true. There was one character, a "bird" played by a young woman in a very bright blue party dress (Lola's favorite color, of course), who at one point had a very, very long feather boa for a tail. Every time she took the stage, Lola would clap and laugh hysterically. It was adorable.

Even cuter, perhaps, was that once she got into it, she began dancing and bopping to the music and choir. She was so cute.

The first act was about one hour, then we had a 15-minute intermission, and then another 20 minutes or so before the end.

Lola did beautifully. It was wonderful.

Such a great experience! What a cool way to kick-off our celebrations this season.
- Bethany :)

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mk said...

You make us very proud! We love that you love alot of our traditions.

Lola is amazing! Growing up so fast...I can't wait to see her again. Love and dad