Thursday, December 3, 2009

me and Ray

Ray and I are not the most sentimental couple in the world. That's not the say that we can't be sweet - we can and we are - but it's more rare than common.

So this explains our relationship perfectly:

Ray and I were watching TV this week when a commercial for Kay Jewelers (the "every kiss begins with Kay" people) came on.

It's a montage of a young man and woman visiting all their old spots - the place of their first kiss, etc. - and he takes her to a bench at a park.

She looks bewildered, "I don't remember this spot."

And he gets down on one knee, opening a Kay jewelry box and exposing a diamond engagement ring: "You will."

Ray and I, in perfect mocking unison: "Awww."


Then, maybe two long seconds later, Ray says: "Y'know, actually, that was pretty smooth."

I agree - and we laugh.

And then we turn off the TV and try to beat the crap out of one another on the Wii.

(Note: Ray and I aren't in a lot of photos together: These are from the holiday season of 2007, when I was pregnant with Lola.)

Just a quick break from Lola news to show everyone that, yes, Ray and I do have a life outside of Lola. It just doesn't begin until after she goes to bed.)

Happy Thursday!
- Bethany :)

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