Friday, January 22, 2010

growing up

We've packed up all of Lola's "baby" toys and have enjoyed watching her take interest in more toddler-ish toys these past few weeks. Her favorite toys, lately, have been her baby dolls. But I don't have pictures of those - when she plays with them, I'm too busy showing her to put the babies to bed, feed them and burp them.

Another of her favorites lately are her blocks. Which, admittedly, are her parents' favorite, too. Lola (a.k.a. Miss Independent) wants Ray and I sitting on the floor by her when she's playing, but lately she kind of wants to just play by herself. She doesn't really want your help right now.

So Ray I build towers of blocks. It keeps us busy and Lola is happy because we're on the floor playing with her, sort of.

So here's the drill: Ray and I build a large tower and Lola comes and knocks it down.

What's cute about the whole thing, especially, is that Lola doesn't twice let us build a tower. After the first time, she wants to help.

And she's gotten really good at building her own mini-towers (which she, too, knocks down).


Toddler-hood. So far, I'm loving it.

Last night, as I was driving Lola home from day care and listening to her talk to me and the trees (and, at one point, the deer), I began wondering: "What do I think is Lola's ratio between cries and real talk?"

Lola has been talking up a storm. What began with mama now includes a whole vocabulary. Most are fairly ordinary: dada, bada, num-nums, baby, no, etc.

But she is figuring out so many more (this is just a few):

- goopa is grandpa
- mooma is grandma (you have to listen really closely to distinguish the difference between this and mama)
- cuddum is cuddles (her blankie, which she now is dragging all over the house)
- mo is more
- ni-ni is night-night (usually said while putting a "baby" to night-night or to say "no ni-ni" at bedtime)

She is learning a new word every day, too. Lola is naturally shy, so you have to listen closely. She won't really say a new word out loud until she hears herself say it first, just to try it out.

We were taking a bath Wednesday when I pointed and said, "Bubbles," as she began trying to, yes, eat them.

Softly, just barely a whisper, Lola repeated, "Bubble."

Then again, a little louder.

After I smiled and said she was doing a good job, she began practically shouting it for the next 15 minutes, "Bubble, bubble, bubble."

Later, she saw Ray doing dishes and pointed: "Bubble."

And, yesterday, while in the car, she learned the word "please" as in "more fishies, please." It comes out "peace," which makes me smile even more.

So back to the original thought: "What do I think is Lola's ratio between cries and real talk?"

I would guess she still cries, whimpers or whines more than actual talking, but not much. Maybe 60-40. But if I only consider the really awake times, before she gets sleepy or crabby, she talks way more than crying; maybe 85-15.

I remember during her infancy, when Ray would say, usually in exasperation, "Lola, I can't wait until you can tell us what you want."

We're there. And we're loving it.

Have a great weekend,
- Bethany :)

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mk said...

Every stage is a new adventure!
Treasure every minute because too soon they grown up and move somewhere like Bemidji! Love you! mom