Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Children's Museum ... and a Vikings win!

I knew it would happen sooner or later. *Sigh* This is my first full week of work since Christmas. Five days seems so long! It's not like I'm not working, but when we work Saturdays, we usually take off Friday.

This past week, I had worked so many hours for work that it just made sense to take Friday off and get some extra time in the Cities. We left Friday morning and got to Ray's parent's place earlier than usual, which was super nice since Lola was awake for a while and we all got to hang out quite a bit. The extra time was also appreciated since Grandma and Grandpa Wesley are leaving in two weeks for a six-week vacation ... well, sort of a vacation. Either way, they're spending a few weeks in Florida, which no matter how you look at it, has got to be a vacation from our Minnesota winter!

I'm not great at taking pictures with the Wesleys, and I feel bad about it. I never think of it at the time and then I feel bad when I start uploading pictures here. I swear, I like the Wesleys an awful lot! All of the Wesleys have always been warm and completely supportive of Ray and me. So it's just laziness, not any indication of any animosity between them and myself. There is none. Stop looking for controversy! :)

Anyhow, I did get one photo from our time in Maple Grove. I thought this was just too cute, with Lola sandwiched between her daddy (Ray) and her grandfather (Ray).


Our big outing for the weekend was a trip Sunday morning to the Minnesota Children's Museum in St. Paul with my parents, who were more than happy to spend time showing Lola all the different sights and activities.

She had a really good time, I think. She best liked the displays where she had her own space and could really explore the features. Overall, she was certainly overwhelmed by the number if people. (It was the third Sunday, so apparently that means the museum is free. I don't know how busy it is on "regular" days, but it was pretty crowded.)


Sunday was also the day for the "big game" as Ray and his dad made their way downtown to watch the Vikes tame the Cowboys.

Meanwhile, my parents (Bears fans, by the way) and I went to St. Paul to play with Lola's cousins and allow us adults to visit. It was a really fun afternoon. The kids all got along really well - and the Vikes won, so Lola and I were happy for Ray.


A quick, overall thought: Lola is an only child. And she loves it.

Earlier in the weekend, we stopped by my other brother's house and had a girls afternoon, as Lola played with his two daughters. The baby, smiley Katelyn, was just asking to be held (OK, she was giggling and laughing, but I wanted baby cuddles), so I picked her up.

Lola, from across the living room, saw me dare to touch another child and ran to my feet, screaming and trying to climb up my legs into my lap.

Now, granted, maybe for some kids this is kinda' normal. Well, Lola doesn't particularly like being held, unless she is sick, scared or nervous. This was just a "That's my mom!" temper tantrum.

My brother came and took his baby back, and I got Lola. Not that that is ever a consolation prize.

OK, so anyway, apparently this possessive streak is extending beyond me.

On Sunday, while we were playing with the boys, Lola decided that my mother's lap is her lap. And only her lap.

Just look at how happy Lola is to have to share. (Ha! Not happy at all!)


So that was our weekend. We had a wonderful time and are now looking forward to this weekend, which is predicted to contain a painting project, a major house gutting and reorganization project, and snowshoeing.

Not to mention a Vikings win?!

- Bethany :)

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