Monday, January 11, 2010

Lola's room

It's funny the things you do in preparation for a new baby (i.e. washing all of the baby clothes in $12 Dreft laundry detergent).

For us, our one weakness was Lola's room. Where Ray spent countless hours hand-painting the flowers, pine tree, butterflies and the letters of her name. It was - and still is - an absolutely gorgeous room. It still takes my breath away every time I walk in to get her or put her down. It's perfect.

(Especially now, in the dead of winter. At least I can go into Lola's room to see 23 bright flowers and a sun shining overhead. It's always summertime in Lola's room. If not anywhere else in Bemidji.)

So, where do we hang out least at home? Yep, Lola's room. Figures.

So I especially tried this weekend to get some picture of Lola in her own room.

She's our little angel.

While she may not always be happy to go into her crib, Lola is always waiting for us at the foot of her crib with a wide, open-mouthed grin.

Waiting not-so-patiently for us to come and rescue her.

(I swear she wasn't naked! She had just devoured a chocolate chip cookie and was having some time to herself while I was putting a load of laundry in the wash. And, no, I wasn't using Dreft.)

Happy Monday,

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mk said...

She is so beautiful! and smiley and happy! I miss her so much.