Monday, January 4, 2010

a new year!

Happy New Year everyone!

We celebrated the new year with a house full of poker buddies from the Cities. Before Bemidji, Ray I would meet up with these guys 4-5 times a week to play cards in a garage. Now, it's once a year. Someday, he would like me to leave Lola for a whole night (eek!) and meet up back in the suburbs. We will see...

Anyhow, most of our time was spent playing with Lola (when she was awake) and playing cards or Wii at nighttime. It was a fun four days.

(For the record, no, I did not make it to midnight to welcome in the new year. I turned in at 11 p.m.)

Today, instead of telling you about my homebound life in Brrrrrrmidji as they say (where it is -30), I thought I would offer a few fun Lola updates.


Topic No. 1:
Bath time.

Oh bath time. The first 12 months of Lola's life, she got a bath nearly every day. She loved bath time. She would laugh and giggle and clap and squeal. It was like having a little dolphin.

Then, she turned one.

For some reason, she began hating bath time. She would scream and fight and yell. (Now it was like having a very angry monkey, if we're sticking with the zoo animal theme.)

The only way I had any chance of a successful bath was to take on with her. This went on until a few weeks ago, perhaps a month, when she began at least accepting bath time.

This weekend, after the guys left, I asked Lola what she wanted to do and she literally ran to the bathroom door and said, "Splish." (As in splish-splash, for those of you not quite fluent in Lola-speak.)

Wish enthusiastically granted! I didn't even wash her hair, to make sure she really enjoyed herself.

Her good mood carried on, even after we left the bathtub.


Topic No. 2: mealtimes.

We have a saying in our household: "Lola is an independent child."

She doesn't want us to do anything that she believes she can do herself. It started with applesauce about two months ago.

In fact, or soon-to-be-18-month-old's most oft-used full sentence? "I do it."

Yep, she does it. She feeds herself, takes her socks on (and them places them on top of her foot as if she actually put them on), throws away the garbage, recycles pop bottles (hopefully empty ones), and puts her toys away.

Now, she is getting fed up with being fed. She doesn't want us to break her food up anymore, because she knows Ray and I don't eat that way. She doesn't want to use a sippy cup, because she knows we don't use them.

This weekend, when we were eating French toast, she finally noticed the fork.

"I do it!" she wailed, when I tried to cut up her slice.

So we broke out the baby forks. (She has been using spoons for a while.)

She figured it out quickly. Although I must say that those baby utensils are not exactly sharp enough to actually stick into much...


Topic No. 3: Vikings!

OK, this is really just for fun. I don't have much to add; the pictures speak for themselves!

Go Vikes!

(Did you notice her fishy face in the second Vikings picture? I love it.)

- Bethany :)

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WM said...

The fishy face, vikings outfit, and bathrobe cracked me up. My she is growing up quickly....