Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February!

Lola is continuing to fight through her molars, but she also is trying to just enjoy herself, too. Sometimes it's just a losing battle.

While we all had a very fun, yet productive, weekend at home, there were a good percentage of tears and just plain ol' neediness. Lola wanted to be held and snuggled with most of the time.

But, she also had spurts of energy and playfulness. It was just mixed in among reading time and hugs.


She loves to wear sunglasses. We call this game "Superstar Lola" - where she puts on the glasses and runs around like crazy until they inevitably fall off. Then, she returns to you and waits until you put them back on her.


Her hair is getting too long and wild to leave down too much. So I've been trying to put it up. She ran around Saturday in pigtails.

A few thoughts of Lola's hair: Yes, it is very curly. Much curlier than my waves. Ray has curly hair (not that you can tell), so that has contributed, too. What is kind of surprising is the density of Lola's hair. My hair is thick. Thick and very dense. Lola has alot of hair, but it is thin. I don't know if I'm explaining that correctly. Lots of strands, just thin strands. So it will interesting to see how it changes. I expect that, like me, Lola's hair will darken as she grows and she won't always be so blonde...


We are anxiously looking forward to spring/summer, especially after Sunday afternoon. I whined and pouted until Ray, reluctantly, gave in and let us set up the tent indoors. I didn't take pictures because I was too busy laughing at/with Lola. She thought this was the coolest thing ever. We just opened the two tent doors on either side and she ran back and forth through the tent, out of the tent, back inside the tent, etc. It was cute.

And, it gave us a glimmer of hope that, perhaps, this year, we can actually go camping and stay overnight.

I miss camping.

(I can't believe I just wrote that.)

But it's true.

I may have, grudgingly, went along with Ray those first couple of years (you know, that whole "I should try to love the things that he loves" mindset), but I actually came to really enjoy it over time. The first few years of our marriage, when we would camp nearly every weekend, gave us so many memories. We're ready for some new ones.

We just need Lola to be comfortable with it.


Us parents got lots done this weekend. I spent about three hours working on the book and I got five loads of laundry done. Ray got the gecko tanks all cleaned up and organized. The best thing he got done, though, was taking apart both the car seat and the high chair/booster so we could wash both pads. Trust me, they both needed it! Even better, Ray scrubbed every inch of the high chair/booster so it is shiny white and clean. No more dried applesauce anywhere! I'm so impressed!

Yeah, we also did taxes. And by we, I mean Ray. Which was nice to get done with so early. We always April 15th-ers, so this was a nice change for us.

We also did some exercising, some reorganization around the house and grilled out all weekend. (I know, it's cold. But nothing beats a burger or chicken on the grill. And Ray was willing to indulge me.)

But, by far, the biggest accomplishment of the weekend? Ray and I finally completely completed New Super Mario Bros. Wii!

Yep, that's our life. :)

- Bethany :)

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