Tuesday, February 2, 2010

'I should tell you, I should tell you...'

This weekend will feature a first for me: I am leaving Lola to go out with some girlfriends.

Lots of mommies I know have "girls nights out" on occasion. I'm just not one of them. Sure, every now and then, I'll come home late after going to a workout class, and I habitually come home late twice or three times a week for city council or other night meetings, but I've never really made the choice to spent a long period of time away from Lola. If I go out, I usually take Lola with me.

Once, when she was about three months old, Ray and I spent the night at a buddy's place for a poker night. Once.

But come Saturday morning, two friends and I will drive down to Minneapolis. We'll return to Bemidji Sunday, so it's "just" one night. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit apprehensive.

So why are we going? We're going to The Lab Theater in the Warehouse District to see a local production of "Rent," a musical.

This will be my third or fourth time seeing "Rent" in roughly 10 years, I think. I saw it for the first time in high school.

It must have been about a year ago that I was talking to a co-worker about musicals and such. We both learned that the other had memorized "Jesus Christ Superstar" over the years and I mentioned that I have a similar passion for "Rent." She ended up watching it (not necessarily because of me ... I don't think) and just loved it. She rented the video of the Broadway performance and then the movie (which wasn't nearly as good as the musical, IMO) and we decided that somehow, some way we would see it together in person.

We thought we found our chance this past fall. "Rent" was on a national tour and was being performed on stage in Wisconsin and we talked about going. But finances and the condition of our vehicles just didn't make it feasible.

A few weeks after "Rent" moved beyond Wisconsin, we learned that another co-worker also likes the show. She has seen the movie, too, but wants to see it on stage.

Our "Eureka!" moment came when I saw a billboard this winter advertising a Minneapolis-based production of "Rent" at The Lab in February.

So, we all agreed on a road trip - and we ordered the tickets were ordered a couple of weeks ago.

So we're all set for a girls' night out in Minneapolis. Haven't done that since a bachelorette party for a friend six or seven years ago.


(OK, so now, having written all that, I've come to the very real realization that it's time for me to get out a bit.)

- Bethany :)

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Laurie said...

Actually, I would say I did watch "Rent" because of you. Before you started talking about it, I had no idea what it was about. So ... thanks! :)