Monday, February 22, 2010

our house

Assuming everything goes well with the inspection tomorrow afternoon, this will be our first home. We signed the paperwork Saturday morning.

To say we are excited would be an understatement. We are ecstatic.

It makes me giggle to think of Ray in a pink house. The most un-pink kind of guy I know. So it comes as no surprise that Ray swears he will paint it this summer. We will see. We have a bunch of projects we would like to accomplish, but the exterior is Ray's top concern.

This is the living room, which we love.

It's large enough that it could serve as the living room and dining room, if we choose.


This is the kitchen. It needs some new paint, probably, and some work. But it will do just fine for now.


This is part of the downstairs.

This will probably serve as a guest suite kind of area. It's large enough to have a bed on one end and some chairs or a small couch in front of the fireplace. Assuming I convince Ray to invest in a flat-screen TV, our current television would probably go in the corner by the fireplace to the left.


And this is our attached double garage! No more scraping the car in the winter time!


All said and done, the house has four bedrooms, two baths and is just over 2,300 square feet. There is a work room in the basement which Ray will use for his tools, etc. The work room is huge and unfinished, so there is a possibility that the back half or something could become a bar or some kind of "guys' space" but that would be down the line at some point.

Lots to think about. Lots to talk about.

So after tomorrow's inspection, we will probably start talking about packing, Luckily, Ray's work just moved offices and they saved all of their boxes. And I work for a newspaper, so getting some leftover papers should be relatively easy.

We're looking forward to springtime!
- Bethany :)


Natalie Kay said...

Congratulations! The house looks just perfect. I'm so glad to hear you and Ray are liking it "Up North."

mk said...

We are so happy and excited for all of you! Can't wait to see it and all of you!

WM said...

We are so happy for you guys! It looks like a lovely place!