Monday, March 15, 2010

the best day

I woke up crabby yesterday morning (Sunday). Blame it on Daylight Savings or an unproductive Saturday night, but I was not happy to wake up. So it's surprising that Sunday soon became one of our favorite days in recent history.

Or as Ray said, "The best day since we bought the house."

We had no grand plans. We woke up about 8 a.m. and Ray, sensing my bad mood, ordered me to the bathroom, "Go take a bath. Come out happier."

(He's smart enough to know that bath time, especially when accompanied by bubbles, solves all maladies in my life.)

Thirty minutes later, I was smiling again.

As a thank you, I promised Ray his favorite lunch: food from the hot dog joint inside Kmart. So we packed up the kiddo and we all went to Kmart. We spent, I kid you not, about 2 hours inside that store, just letting Lola run up all of the aisles and looking at all of the toys.

Lola was super cute. She picked out one stuffed animal, a little dog. Then, she made it to the Easter aisle, where she traded her dog for a larger plush frog. Then the frog was traded for a duck.

And then she saw the selection of gigantic (as in larger than her) plush bunnies. And she immediately grabbed a blue one.


(I have a better picture on my cell phone, but I haven't yet downloaded it.)

We knew she was getting tired around 11 a.m., so we went home, where Lola took a nice long nap while Ray and I turned our attention to the Wii.

While Lola slept, Ray and I decided that the afternoon should be spent outdoors. I can't adequately explain how much Lola loves being outside. Enough that she points to the door about a dozen times every few hours and says, "Walk outside."

So we did. We walked down to the lake and back to the house and then walked toward our mailbox, which is one-half mile from our front stoop. We also played in the front yard, where I rode a bike around, and Lola, for some reason, found this hilarious. We brought a ball out to try to teach Lola kickball, but all she wanted was to pick it up and throw it at me.

The whole time we were outside, you could hear Lola happily chattering away, "Walk outside. Walk outside." She was just loving it, especially the driveway sections that had puddles. She loved to run through the puddles. Not that I let her! I was watching her and consistently telling her to stay out of the water. But she would watch me, notice when I looked another direction and then dart through a puddle before I could stop her. Toddlers.

We ended the afternoon with another walk down to the lake. this path is a little rougher and Lola has to hold our hands. She wouldn't let us pick her up at all, but we could tell that she was tired. Instead of barely holding hands and practically running toward the lake, Lola was pulling down on our hands and barely shuffling her feet forward.

We finally made her come inside for dinner, but she still wasn't happy about it. A few minutes later, she was pointing at the door again, "Walk outside!"

Still, she was exhausted. We turned Barney on for a few minutes while us adults (as in Ray) made dinner and Lola just sat and watched Barney quietly. She was tuckered out.

We put her to bed after she ate a truck-full of potatoes and she whimpered one little time before she crashed.

It was, all in all, a wonderfully exhausting day.


Since I didn't take any pictures while walking, here are some smiles from Friday:

Happy Monday!
- Bethany :)

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