Monday, March 29, 2010

the end of March

Our weekend, like so many others, was spent outdoors.

Ray worked on Saturday (again) so Lola and I went into town to meet up with my friend, Laurie. Of course, by the time Lola woke up from her four-hour (!) nap, it was raining outside. It was relatively warm, but it was damp, so I put on some snow pants to keep her dry.

Lola is going to be up in tree branches before long. The child loves to climb. She has figured out how to climb onto furniture and get atop tables and couches. Here, she wanted to just climb up and down the platforms, but I was kind of nervous about them being slippery, so we didn't do that too long.

She wanted desperately to go down the slides. But she was confused as to why I wasn't going with her. I tried to explain that the wet slide would be cold for Mommy, who, you know, didn't wear snow pants.

Lola still enjoyed it - she must have slid down the slides about 6-7 times before we moved on to the swings.

The swings are always hit and miss with Lola. The very first time she was in one, she loved it and laughed the entire time. The second time, just days later, she screamed and was frightened. So you just never know.

Saturday, though, she seemed to love them.

This shot is my favorite:

(Photos courtesy Laurie Swenson - which I really appreciated because, well, I don't get to be in a lot of pictures since I'm the one usually taking them.)


On Sunday, we had a lot of fun at home, both inside and outside. But mostly outside. Ray and I have always had our happiest times outdoors - through canoeing, hiking or camping - and we're thrilled to see that Lola loves being outside also.

This is a rare Ray-taken photo:

Lola had, somehow, managed to get into her toy crib. I don't know when or how this started, but she seems to think that she should be be in the crib with her baby dolls. It's cute. Until she tries to get out, trips, falls and bonks her head on a wooden block.


Family time outside (we've been working on Lola's kickball skills):


Lola also got her first pair of sunglasses this past weekend. I have, myself, several pairs and Lola always wants to borrow one of mine. So we decided it was finally time for a pair of her own. (The hard plastic sides on adult sunglasses cause Ray to worry about poked eyes and such - the toddler glasses are a much better option.)

She loves them!


This weekend was kind of disappointing for me. I was kind of in a funk since we learned last week that we will not be closing tomorrow (Wednesday). Our mortgage lender is backed up with other first-timers trying to beat the tax credit deadline that it just could not get everything done at time. We will close on or before April 15.

I'm still bummed about it, but I'm dealing just fine (there was just something kind of symbolic about moving right before Easter). It was good for me - and Lola - to have lots of distractions with playtime and new experiences this weekend.

The thing about Lola (and, I'm sure, all kids) is that it's hard to be sad and down when you've got this beautiful little girl smiling up at you. Or, if you're really lucky, patting you softly on the back, her own little way of saying, "I love you, Mommy."

- Bethany :)

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