Thursday, March 25, 2010

a new first

While Ray was gone, I was in charge of dinner. Which is always a risky prospect.

I don't cook much at all. There are a few dishes that are mine alone in our home (i.e. mashed potatoes or chocolate chip cookies), but Ray does 99.8 percent of our daily cooking.

Anyhow, with Ray gone this week, I had to not only feed myself, but Lola, too. (Up until 2 years ago, I would have just made a bag of popcorn and called myself good, but Lola, I figured, should have a more balanced diet.)

So what did we have?

Monday we had pizza. It was an icky supreme pizza. Very forgettable. I think I had one slice and watched Lola pick at hers for a while before we both had a NutriGrain bar and moved on.

Tuesday we had pizza. (Notice a pattern?) I splurged, though, and got my favorite. Too bad I burned the bottom of it. Lola and I ate the melted cheese and bread sections, but neither of us could bite through the crust.

(You see now why I don't cook?!)

Wednesday night I thought about picking something up, but didn't want to drive back into town from day care. So I tried something new - something Ray won't eat.


I love soup - and, even better, it's fairly easy. (Well, I did manage to start a small kitchen fire in high school when I tried making soup at home - but I like to think I've improved a bit since then.)

Lola? Well, she was first curious, but did give it a taste:

Then she swallowed it:

And, she liked it!

So she kept right on eating:

Then, she decided to play with her soup:

Really, she removed all of the "chunks" and sorted out all of the chicken. She then replaced the carrots, green beans and dumplings back into the broth. And she ate it all.

She just wouldn't eat the meat. She left the chicken in neat little piles on her tray.

Then she asked for more. "Zoop peas," she said, lifting up her bowl and handing it to me.

And I think she would have eaten it all, but Ray came home then and she was much more excited to see her daddy.

- Bethany :)

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