Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Off-topic: Super Mario Bros.

Here's a little-known fact about me: I love video games.

But not new video games. I like my old Super Nintendo games. Once the newer systems started to get umpteen buttons everywhere, I lost my enthusiasm. I mean, I'm not coordinated enough to walk down the street without tripping most days. So the idea of me keeping track of 14 buttons, two triggers and a joystick or four is simply crazy.

I still have a SNES, which Ray and I used to play maybe once every six months or so. It was a nice way to pass the time, especially if we were having a beer or two. But we passed Super Mario World so many times, I can (honestly) replay each board in my mind.

Well, last November we bought a Wii and, of course, had to get Super Marie Bros. Wii.

We play generally for 30 minutes or so every night once Lola goes to sleep. It is our together time before we get to more adult activities, such as cleaning the house, making grocery lists and getting Lola's things together for day care.

Players can earn up to five stars (per game) on the title screen. We were so impressed the first time we passed the game and saw those five gold stars. Yes, we wasted countless hours staring at the TV, but those five stars were so cool ... until we passed the game a second time and got five twinkling stars. They twinkle?! We are now working to complete the main page with twinkling stars (we have 10 - we need to pass our current game and then should be good).

Anyhow, Ray is out of town until tonight. He is in St. Cloud for work and left Monday. I've been wandering through my house at night, once Lola goes to bed, wondering what the heck I should do with myself. I've read some books, watched a little TV, did a lot of texting (mainly to Ray), but I'm lost. We're the type of couple that is (irritatingly?) connected at the hip. I don't like to do stuff without him. And he misses me when he's gone. I can't sleep because I can't steal the comforter from anybody. I can't elbow anyone for snoring too loudly.

I always think, "Oh, I will have the house to myself. I can take a bath, relax, make some fettuccine alfredo (Ray hates white sauce)." But it's never as much fun as you think it will be. Kind of like when you stayed home from school for being "sick" - you get bored about two hours later. Or, at least, I always did.

Even watching "Lost" last night - my favorite show on TV right now - it was nice and quiet at home, but I was restless without Ray there to talk with during commercials. So I texted him a lot. And went to bed early.

He comes home tonight, hopefully by about 8-9 p.m.

I can't wait. I miss my husband.

- Bethany :)

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