Wednesday, March 17, 2010

'play outside'

It begins immediately after we pull out of the driveway at day care.



"Down please."



"Outside please."

"Play outside."

Usually by now, I'm laughing. And, yes, assuring her that we will play outside once we get home.

On Monday, Ray was working late, so Lola and I just played out front for a while. The kid just does not want to be indoors.

She has discovered pine cones and leaves:

She knows I think she's pretty cute:

She likes to boss me around by pointing and declaring, "This way."

But, sometimes, Lola just wants to play with the snow:

Of course, she also takes a few stumbles from time to time:

She just likes exploring:

Pretty adorable.

Here's the live version:

(A few translations: Early in the video she asks, "Dada," and is wondering why her father isn't home yet. And the end, as she picks up a piece of bark, she is saying, "Cracker." Fortunately, though, she didn't eat it.)


I'm going offline 'til next week. My very kind in-laws are in town for several days to watch Lola and visit us. Plus, they want to help us pack! (I'm kidding.)

Have a great weekend!

- Bethany :)

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