Wednesday, March 3, 2010

poor baby

As Ray and I were preparing for bed Friday night, I proposed a deal: How about I sleep in Saturday and he sleep in Sunday? We've both been overly tired in recent weeks and I thought catching up on sleep would be great. Ray enthusiastically agreed.

But then we both woke up at nearly 10 a.m. Saturday.

We don't set alarms on the weekends because Miss Lola is our alarm clock: She always wakes us up between 6:45-7 a.m. Needless to say, knowing that we all were still asleep past 7 a.m. was concerning. Not as in "run-as-fast-as-you-can-into-her-room-to-make-sure-she-didn't-stop-breathing" concerning but enough that I didn't waste a heck of a lot of time either.

As soon as I walked in her room, I knew something was wrong. She was bundled up under the blanket and didn't even move when I opened the door. I touched her head and she had a fever. A high fever.

Thus began my very uneventful week. Lola slept all day Saturday, Sunday and most of Monday. Tuesday, she was up more frequently, trying to feel better, but was still ill. Today she is better, but home with Ray just to be sure.

We don't exactly what she has/had. I took her to the clinic Monday and the doctor (the walk-in doctor, the pediatrician was not available) thought she perhaps had strep because she was feverish and had a bad rash. But the test came back negative. I tried to take her back in today, because her rash still is not healed, but the pediatrician's office was overbooked and the walk-in clinic had a long wait. Plus, Ray thought she probably didn't have to go back in anyway. So we left. He is home with her now and is watching her closely. If it gets worse, he'll bring her in this afternoon.

Lola has always been pretty darn healthy. Aside from bad diaper rashes, she really has just had the sniffles a few times and one ear infection. We're not used to having a sick kid. Between last weekend (when she was sick and slept all day Sunday) and this week, I'm just hoping that this is not the beginning of a new health pattern.

But mostly I'm just hoping she feels better soon.

A few random thoughts:

- When she first got sick this weekend, it was almost a little nice. (I know, that's mean.) Lola is not a cuddler and does not like to snuggle, but when she's sick, she'll sit in your lap and sleep. It's precious. Reminds me of her baby days.

- Carrying around a sick toddler is like carrying a heated football. Just heavier. Seriously, I had to wear layers all weekend. When she was sleeping, I wore sweaters. The few times she would wake up and want to be held, I would strip down to a tank top. The kid was like a portable space heater. Poor thing.

- About 2-3 weeks ago, Lola was a little crabby and I couldn't make her happy. So she and I sat at the kitchen table and began watching youtube videos of Elmo and Barney. Boy, that was a mistake. Now, every time she sees the laptop, it's "Barney! Barney!" and then a temper tantrum until she ultimately wins. (Not to mention that a quick online session to just check e-mail has become incredibly difficult and aggravating.)

- I'm boring. So is Ray. We had absolutely no idea what to do with all of our free time. We played lots of Super Mario on the Wii and I finished two books. Otherwise, we would just pace and look at each other. And I regularly whined, "I miss Lola."

And I do. I miss playing and coloring and running and hiding and tickling.

I miss Lola.

- Bethany :)

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