Monday, March 8, 2010

weekend fun

This is our family outside of our new house. We don't close for a little more than three weeks, but we stopped by this weekend.

My parents came for a visit this weekend and we, of course, had to show them the house. And they snapped our first family photo outside of the house.

We are getting excited about the house, obviously, but we were more excited this weekend to see my parents. We miss seeing everyone in the Cities on a regular basis.

Lola loved having them all here! She even stayed up waaaay past her bedtime to greet them when they arrived.

She just loved having new playmates around. (I mean, c'mon, I'm sure she gets tired of ol' Mom and Dad from time to time.)

They brought with them a new tea set for Lola, which she absolutely loves.

Time flew by too quickly, as always. But we had a wonderful time.

We capped off the weekend with lunch at Applebee's, where Lola showed us - yet again - that she is quite a ham.

- Bethany :)

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