Monday, April 26, 2010


Tomorrow will mark our first-week anniversary in our new house. Yet, it seems like we just began truly living it in this weekend. And it's feeling like home.

After working for four straight days last week, Ray and I finally had time this past weekend to enjoy our new surroundings. We love it.

Of course, I should give credit to Ray and my Grandpa Dave, who worked Saturday night and Sunday to install our favorite focal point of the house: our new flat-screen. Ray and I have been planning on this new TV for about a year, coming oh-so-close several times to getting it while we were in the apartment. But we decided to save up for a larger screen and award ourselves with a housewarming present (along with the accompanying cable package - we FINALLY splurged on a DVR - and Blu-Ray player).

The furniture (our mismatched couches and recliner) will soon be replaced with new stuff. But, for now, we're actually kind of surprised how it looks pretty OK in the living room.

I should back up and say that my parents came to town Saturday and Sunday to see the new house and, for Grandpa Dave, to work! We so appreciated their visit!

Here are some other shots of the house (I didn't take some of bedrooms or downstairs yet; I ran out of space on the camera card)...

More of the living room (we just love this room, it's our favorite):

The back of the house (we do usually park in the garage, though):

And, our incredible back yard:

And, this is a kind of funny story. While touring the house, I mentioned to Ray that I wanted to plant tulips along the side of the house along the driveway:

To my great delight, we already have them!

We had a wonderful time with my parents. Time flew by too quickly!

They brought with them, for Lola, a new red wagon. She has taken a few rides, but is still getting used to it. I can't wait to use it for all of our summertime festivals!

Even Grandma took a ride!

All in all, Lola loves her new house. She, especially, loves the porch!

The smiles say it all.

Have a great week!
- Bethany

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mk said...

Great Blog! We just love your new house and especially, we love all of you.