Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lola's room

I asked Ray yesterday if there was anything he missed about the apartment. His repsonse was quick and unsurprising: "Lola's room."

It's true, leaving Lola's room was hard. Not just because of the painting Ray did, but because that's where our baby grew into our (very independent) little girl.

But we're adapting. All of us.

Us Wesleys had visited the house enough times that I don't think Lola felt too strange about her new surroundings. Even before we moved, we talked to Lola about our "new home" and the "house" thta we would be moving to. Even if she didn't understand what we were trying to say, we explained that the boxes surrounding us at the apartment would help us move all of our things into town.

(Quick interjection: Lola does best when you give her a "heads up" as to what is coming. We tell her every night at bedtime if tomorrow is a "Karen and Bob day" or a "Mommy and Daddy day." When we know company is coming, we spent 2-3 days talking about who is coming and looking at their pictures. I truly believe, that for Lola specifically, she needs to understand what is coming. She does not do well with surprises. Unless it's the chocolate or ice cream kind.)

Anyhow, on Movind Day, I went and picked her up from day care. We talked again about our new home and such and I took her to the house, where she saw my dad and Ray moving furntire. She was a little confused. But as soon as we went inside and I showed her "Lola's room," with her crib, toys and - most importnatly - her "cuddles" (blanket), she was OK.

The first week was a little rough sleep-wise. While she would go to sleep like an angel every night, she woke up 3-4-5 times a night. I'm sure she would wake up and not recognize where she was. She usually got a bottle (of water) and then would drift right back to sleep.

One problem, though, was that she (obviously) was drinking way too much water during the night. And she peed through her clothing and blankets. One night, Ray went in and how to change her bedding. He went to take her "cuddles' away and Lola lost it. Not as in mad or angry crying, but scared. As Ray noted, "It wasn't that she wanted her cuddles, she needed it."

But now ... kock on wood ... we have enjoyed two straight nights of uninterrupted sleep. We think (and hope!) that she is over that hump! :)

Anyhow, here is how her room is looking today:

(See how she needs her cuddles!? This week, it has become a battle as I try to tell her that cuddles needs to stay at the house - it can't come in the car or go to day care.)

You may have noticed that, in our living room pictures, there are no Lola toys. That was purposeful. Ray and I discussed this several times before we moved. But we decided, together, that Lola is old enough now to be responsible for her own toys.

Lola is, like me, a neat freak. She loves to clean! To wit, when we got to the playground and Lola heads straight for the stairs, she spends about 3-4 minutes cleaning all of the leaves and sticks and such off of the staircase.

So we don't think it'll be a stretch to expect her to clean up her toys. We've decided that the living room is more an adults zone. That's not to say Lola isn't allowed in there - she is - but she can bring a toy into the living room and play with it, but she has to put it away before she can bring out another one.

So far it has worked great. She is proud of herself and feels like she has her own set of responsiblities.

And we love having a kids-free zone after bedtime!
- Bethany :)

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mk said...

Love reading all about all of you! Love the idea of the toys staying in her room too! That is the way we did it even though your bedrooms were upstairs. Miss you...