Monday, April 5, 2010

Not her first ... but kind of

Lola celebrated her second Easter this weekend - although, to her, the whole experience is brand new. And very exciting.

We went to my dad's and grandpa's places this past Saturday, choosing to celebrate one day early for a variety of reasons, the least of which, I'm pretty sure, is that Saturday marked what would have been my grandpa's and grandma's 65th wedding anniversary. It was a fun day. But, of course, nothing feels "normal" yet when Grandma isn't around.

Ray, Lola and I first went to my dad's place, where the Easter Bunny had kindly set out dozens of eggs for Lola to find. We got outside a bit too early, I think, as the temperatures hadn't quite warmed up to their full potential yet.

Still, Lola had a blast. She ran from egg to egg, pointing and crying out, "Ball!"

She also showed me, again, that she is getting all too aware when I take a photograph. Did you notice the top photo?

Here's a close-up:

She is such a ham!

After the egg hunt (and a nap), Lola learned, with Grandpa's help, that there is stuff inside the eggs, too!

Or, if you want the live version...

Then, after opening eggs, we went to Great-Grandpa's house, where the family all gathered to talk, laugh and eat way too much food (as always).

Lola was quite impressed with the animals outside! (She saw several birds and a red squirrel. I'm terrible at bird names, but smarter people than myself said the really pretty one, a light red/pink one, was a finch of some kind.)

She was, particularly, impressed by Mr. Red Squirrel. (And, to be honest, he really was a cute little guy.)


As it turned out, it was a darned good thing we went Saturday. Lola threw up Saturday night and spiked a high fever on Sunday (teething). Ray stayed home with her Monday, too, as she still wasn't feeling great.

Us adults took advantage of our time alone and we worked to pack up our whole place Sunday. Well, we still have work to do in Lola's room, but we're easily 90 or 93 percent done now.

Which is good. We close Friday. We think.

Stay tuned.
- Bethany :)

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