Saturday, May 29, 2010

biker chick

I started crying in Walmart yesterday. (No, I'm not pregnant, although that would probably be a good question as I did have a Walmart breakdown during my pregnancy with Lola.)

But this time was just Mommy being Mommy. We had popped in quick to pick up a swimsuit for this weekend's trip to the lake. And, on our way past the toy section, Ray got it in his head that Lola should get a tricycle.

It took some convincing, but once we actually got Lola on the seat, she put her not-so-tiny feet onto the peddles and, you know, peddled. Not that she was going far or fast. I mean, she barely move the trike at all.

But she did it.

And then I was flooded with "Oh my God she's not a baby anymore" kind of feelings and got all teary-eyed. (OK, a few, maybe 2-3 tears may have actually fallen, but I wasn't a blubbering mess or anything.) Ray gave me one of his patented, "You have got to me kidding me" kind of looks and I got over it.

And we spent the rest of the afternoon dodging raindrops and falling trees (OK, once the trees started falling, we did go inside) letting Lola play with her ride.

Fun times.

Have a great weekend! We're going south (ha! I love that!) to the lake!
- Bethany :)


WM said...

OMG, that is so cute! That is the bike and Lola! How exciting! And I love her long curly hair.

mk said...

She is growing up so fast...can't wait to for Lola's hugs this weekend.