Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lost in translation ... and some videos

Lola watched me yesterday as I flipped my head upside down and combed some gel stuff into my hair.


(Translation: What are you doing?)

Lola has been talking up a storm lately. Everything has a name in her world. And helping her figure them all out is, really, quite fun.

Some of her favorite phrases:

- "O-ah do it." (Lola do it.)

- "Ode I and." ("Hold my hand." - this is usually said while approaching a staircase.)

- "It air." ("Sit here" - while pointing to where she wants you to sit.)

- "It up." ("Get up" - while tugging on your hand or finger.)

- "It air en ooks." (Sit here and read me books.")

- "Cuddles onnry?" ("Is Cuddles in the laundry?" - this is asked with a fully stuck out bottom lip, in a soft, "I'm so sad," voice.)

- "No ni-ni! Pway ime!" ("No night-ight! Play time!" - while trying desperately to convince you not to put her to bed. Usually this is followed by "It air en ooks," while she fights to keep you away from her crib.)

- "O-ah Mommy Daddy." (Lola, Mommy and Daddy. She says this happily, while all three of us are together.)

And my favorite, from yesterday night: "I iss oo Mommy." ("I missed you Mommy.")

This happened while grocery shopping. Lola doesn't like it when our group of three breaks apart. I had stepped away to pick out some frozen meals for work lunches while Ray went to hit up the produce. Lola saw me from across Walmart and shrieked, "Mommy!" at the top of her lungs (this was, honestly, after a 3-minute separation) and so when we hooked back up, I said, "Did you miss Mommy?" and she said it back. First time. Made me smile very big!


Lola's preferences are starting to cause a few headaches. Literally. Her most favorite activity right now is kickball. But, for some reason, she still is not comfortable playing in the grass. So she plays in the driveway area. This would be fine if she would just play with the larger balls, but she loves this Little Mermaid ball that is, roughly, the size of a small cantaloupe.

Well, she runs up and kicks it. And 49 of 50 times, this goes just fine. But, inevitably, she eventually misses and her right foot comes down on top of the ball and she falls backward and smacks her head on the concrete. This has happened now twice in the last two weeks. It happened, for a third time, on Monday, but Lola caught herself on her rump so she didn't hit her head.

Still, we had to put the ball away.

So yesterday, when we went outside to play, she whimpered and looked at us sadly, "Ball?" She reluctantly went and played with the larger balls, but nearly as long or as enthusiastically. I'm thinking we'll take out the Ariel ball again, but try to show her she has to play with that one in the grass.


I have a few videos that I just haven't gotten around to posting.

The first two are from Grandma and Grandpa Wesley's visit, when Lola - for the very first time - went down the big slide all by herself.

The next one, too, is from their visit; it makes me laugh.

(No, I didn't laugh because she fell down - I laugh because nothing comforts a hurt kid like a grandma ... not even a daddy, apparently.)


Have a great weekend! We plan on taking Lola to my dad's place and doing some fishing - someone even got her own Dora the Explorer fishing pole...

- Bethany :)

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