Monday, May 3, 2010

May Day!

Rain, rain go away, come again another day…

This was our mantra for the weekend, although, to be fair, we really needed the rain, so it's OK.

This was, in a way, our “first” weekend in our house. Sure, we were here last weekend, but we weren’t really settled yet, and we had (great) company with my parents. But now that we are more unpacked and organized, we could actually enjoy all of our extra space with Lola and each other.

Our main goal was accomplished:

Yep, we got the garden planted. In the rain. Fun times. Really, we started spreading the dirt about 9 a.m. and gave Lola a rake and a shovel to help with. She got dirty, though, and got mad. Then, I broke the (very cheap) dirt rake we purchased a few years ago, so we had to make a quick Kmart run. Then, after Lola went down for a (four-hour!!) nap, Ray and I decided that we had to work. So we did. We just bundled up and worked in the rain. Since then, Ray has remarked, several times, that he was shocked to see me digging around in the dirt and mud. Despite all my camping efforts throughout the past 10 years, he still thinks of me as an "indoors girl" and such.

What else did we do? Well, we bought Lola a new toy!

She loves it! We, of course, would love to get a fancier playground for her, but maybe next summer. We'll see how the budget is looking. But, for now, she is thrilled with just her slide. And we love that she is happy.

Not everything went so well this weekend...

Saturday night, we put her to bed, but considering her way-too-long nap that afternoon, she wasn't quote exhausted. So she was singing and talking to herself in her crib for a bit. Then she began shrieking. Like "I'm hurt" shrieking. So Ray ran in to check on her and quickly called out to me for help. I walked in and was stunned: There was blood everywhere. Yep, Lola had her first bloody nose.

So what happened? We're not sure. I'm incl inced to think someone got a too-sharp fingernail up there and hurt herself. I'm trying very hard not to consider that she may have tried to climb out of the crib. The idea of a toddler bed for Lola is scary (long story/reasoning; I'll talk more on this another day). Either way, she was fine. Really, she was just thrilled that she got to get out of bed after we supposedly put her down for the night. She just laid on her back while we sang and tickled her. Once we were convinced that she wasn't going to bleed anymore, we put her back to bed.

What else went wrong?

Well, there was this...

But, to be fair, I didn't really expect too different a result. We were at the mall and Lola walked by the merry-go-round and asked to go on a horsey. I know, I should have just said not. But she's done so well with her rocking horse and such that I thought maybe she'd be OK. And she was ... until the music and motion started. Even then, she quietly endured it for two full circles before she had a meltdown. Oh well. Next time, we'll probably just set her on the horsey rather than paying for it to move...

I wish I could better explain the highlights of the weekend. It's those camera-free moments where you really wish you could somehow mentally snap a picture. Because if you try to grab a camera, you'll ruin the moment.

Like Saturday night, when Lola didn't want to go to bed, but it really was bedtime. So she dragged her cuddles into the living room and just laid in my arms while I rocked her for about ten minutes (until she got squirmy and decided to push her luck by asking for a toy).

Or later that night, while Ray and I were tickling her, watching her nose oh-so-closely. And she would point at us, indicating she was ready for the "bzzzzz-ing" to begin. (We point and her, say "buzzzzzz" and slowly get close to her, making the anticipation almost as fun as the actual tickling.)

Or Sunday, when we decided to push our luck by going to Perkins. And we waited, expecting a meltdown, but all she did was sit and color and laugh and eat. And when we told her she was a good girl, she just smiled, "Good girl."

Or last night. When following a disastrous bathtime experience, I was sad and frustrated. So I went into her room, hoping we could just play for 5-10 minutes before bedtime. And she grinned when she saw me (despite our recent hair-washing scuffle) and ran to me. She waited while I crossed my legs and flopped down into my lap. She hasn't been much interested in books lately. But last night, for 25-30 minutes, she sat in my lap while we read together. then, when it was time for bed, she gave me a giant hug, kissed me (without any prompting) and said, "Love you, Mama."

A great weekend indeed.
- Bethany :)

P.S. Crap. I forgot this whole post was going to be about my oh-so-helpful husband. I got sidetracked.

Well, here is a quick summary: Ray has been crazy dedicated to the house! Seriously. He has no time or patience for sitting down and resting - he wants to just work, work, work. Which is fine by me. I don't mind working most of the day/evening, as long as I do get some time to unwind.

Anyhow, Saturday, he organized the whole garage, went and got dirt for the garden, moved a whole slew of boxes around. Not to mention that we, together, worked on the garden, play with Lola and went shopping.

Sunday, we went grocery shopping and Home Depot shopping in the morning. And, while I sat, relaxed and watched a movie during Lola's latest four-hour nap (really, that was the second one in two days!!), Ray moved all his tools into his workshop area, organized his whole shop and prepared for his latest project.

Once Lola went to bed, Ray did this:

He made us a headboard! I'm so excited! We've been talking about this for about a year, since we saw a similar project on an HGTV show. Well, yesterday, we went and bought the materials and Ray put it all together! I absolutely love it! It looks like it was made to match our bedroom set (if not, of course, the bright-blue carpet)!

He's been great! I love it (and him, of course, too).
- BJ :)

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mk said...

Never though I would have an "outdoorsey" kind of daughter! You are remarkable! Love the headboard..great job Ray! But most of all I love how happy your little family is..and hearing Lola stories...