Wednesday, June 16, 2010

an average night at home

So last week, Ray and I began the long, arduous task of hanging pictures on our walls. For some couples, this might be a fairly simple project. Not so for us. Ray has very specific ideas as to how he wants his home to look. He likes very sparse decorations and not so much of the “people pictures” – and I like having everyone I know and love surrounding me in the living room.

Negotiations began last Tuesday (which, in retrospect, was kind of stupid since we left Thursday for the Cities so we could only get about halfway done last week – and I hate leaving projects undone, not to mention that I can’t stand clutter, so everything had to be put away Thursday afternoon and unpacked, again, last night).

Anyhow, we came up with the brilliant idea to hang three frames on the wall between the French doors and the kitchen and to put two nature shots from our backpacking trip on the ends and to find a quote for the middle frame. (We even happily decided that it would be fun to have a whole slew of quotes that we like and change them out occasionally or even maybe weekly.)

So last Tuesday, we began searching for quotes: favorite quotes, funny quotes, political quotes, etc. We never really found one we loved, but we faked it with a quote from The Art of War, at least temporarily while we went out of town. Then, we selected two photos from our Boundary Waters trips for either side of the quote.

Last night, we set out to finish the project. Ray went and bought photo paper so we could print photos at home, like we did last week. But last week we used the five free photo pages that came with the printer. We learned quickly that the paper Ray bought yesterday was not such great quality, but we made it work.

We printed the 5-by-7s for the photos and began working on the quote.

But, first, of course, we had to find a quote. We searched for about an hour, reading quotes and trying to agree on something. We knew we wanted one that was shorter and would fit the “nature theme” for the picture frames. This turned out to be much, much harder than we’d anticipated. I was partial to those that had some kind of religious bent to them, but Ray was adamantly against that. He wanted something Global Warming-ish but I really didn’t want to get all political. I liked one by Dr. Seuss (from The Lorax) but Ray did not want Dr. Seuss. He kept suggesting biologists and scientists and such, but I didn’t want a quote from anyone I didn’t know anything about.

Another 30 minutes passed. Ray was getting antsy.

He had stepped in the other room when I finally found our quote (a nature-related message). He came back and quickly agreed.

So, then, we began the process of printing said quote. We had printed the Art of War quote last week on plain white copy paper. And it looked cheap. So we wanted to try something different. Maybe use white text on a dark background.

Again, this is harder than it seemed. After messing around in Word for 30-some minutes, we tried Paint and, again, got nowhere.

Ray, frustrated, exclaimed that he was tired of the whole project.

So, finally, we decided to just print the darn thing on plain white photo paper and use a green-ish font and be done with it.

So Ray put in the paper and happily printed the quote, quickly closing Word and shutting the computer down.

We practically skipped into the living room and I watched as Ray got the frame and placed the paper into the frame - and discovers that for some stupid reason, this is the one frame we have that is 4-by-6.

The quote doesn’t fit.

$%&@#!* (But, really, between expletives, we were laughing pretty good, too.)

So we go back into the office. And we realize that we lost the quote since Ray shut Word down. So we have to get the quote back, replace it in Word and print.

And we forgot to change the paper – again. So we have another 5-by-7.

So, again, we format the stupid thing and we finally get our quote finished, and hung, at about 10:45 p.m. (Basically, we spent about 2 1/2 hours on filling five frames.)

As we cleaned up and got ready for bed, Ray looked at me, “You know how we talked about changing the quotes every week? Yeah, I’m not going to touch that damned quote ever again.”

- Bethany :)

P.S. We had a wonderful time in the Cities this past weekend. I owe a blog post or two to the trip, but I need some time to pick photos!


David and Mary Kay said...

holy smokes you guys. if you are planning holiday motif pictures, better get started soon!!
grandpa dave

Laurie said...

No sharing of the actual quote for your adoring public? (Yes, I've seen the quote, but I forgot it. :))