Friday, June 25, 2010

Five years!

Today I will marry my best friend … the one who shares my hopes and dreams.

Prior to my wedding, I used to wish for a five-minute glimpse into my life five years into the future. It’s not that I had cold feet or was thinking about changing my mind -- I just wanted to know what would follow the so-called “biggest day of my life,” as everyone kept calling it, and what the future held for us.

Today is that day.

Ray and I married five years ago today. Wow.

That first year was hell. (And, yes, Ray would agree with me.) In fact, our goal for the first year was to be happy with one another 51 percent of the time, because, we figured, that meant we were still happier with one another than we were unhappy. Our goal for the second year was 55 percent happy/45 percent unhappy.

But by the third year, which started with a move to Bemidji, we already had moved beyond such goals. Not to brag – because, trust me, my marriage is far from perfect – but we’re happy with each other, easily, 95 percent of the time.

Anyhow, I was thinking the other day about that old wish I had, the never-accomplished ability to see the future, even if it was just a quick glance. I would have seen us in Bemidji, a location I never would have dreamed a possibility. We have a nearly 2-year-old daughter, who is the absolute centerpiece of our lives and love, and we are beginning to at least consider the idea of a second child. We have a house that provides a roof over our heads (even if there are sewage problems in the basement - more on this another day). We have jobs we enjoy that provide steady, dependable paychecks (something no one should ever take for granted (when your work field is in journalism in 2010, you learn this very quickly)).

Five years. On one hand, our wedding feels like a lifetime ago - on the other, it feels like it was last week.

Happy anniversary, Babe.

I love you,
- Bethany :)

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mk said...

I still smile from ear to ear at your wedding pics! It was an amazing day and an amazing couple! Love you both so much..

mk said...

Five years! WOW! Our little girl has her own little girl and a pretty cool life! Congratulations to you both.....(3?), the hardest part is past you. You know, that "5 year plan".


Don't worry about a little water, it's kind of a family tradition!