Monday, June 7, 2010

Memorial weekend at the lake

I have to back up a bit, because I never touched on our Memorial weekend. We went south to my dad's place, where Lola enjoyed at least one notable "first" - but more on that in a bit.

We love living where we do, but, of course, we miss seeing family on a more regular basis (I mean, this coming weekend's trip to the Cities will be our first since January!).

So it was especially fun to see Lola with at least two of her cousins.

Amber, the oldest, is an absolute doll. She is so smart, and it's oh so fun to watch Lola learn from and try to copy her abilities (such as soccer and coloring). She is sweet and considerate, too, but I don't think that rubbed off on Lola yet. She still stole everyone's toys (sorry about that!).

On the reverse side of the equation is soon-to-be-1-year-old Katelyn. Lola, in theory, is older and smarter, but obviously suffers from "only child syndrome" and has no desire to share. Still, she was consistently running back to Katelyn's side to play, so you know she is trying... (or, at least, that is what I am trying to convince myself of!).

Anyhow, her big "first" from that weekend was that Lola caught her first fish!!!

OK, yeah, Ray actually caught the fish, but he did so using her little Dora the Explorer pole - and Lola got to take a look at it! (Actually, them, since "she" caught two fish!)

But this is Lola with her first catch:

She might look a bit afraid in the photos, but she wasn't at all. In fact, in true Lola fashion, she tried to reach out and grab the fish (anyone remember the snake story from Reptile Gardens in South Dakota?!). And when she tried, it flipped out of Ray's hand and onto the dock. Once it started flopping around there, Lola got really interested. So Ray quickly put it back into its watery home.

It sure was a nice weekend. My only regret is that I was not able to convince Lola to jump into the lake with me. Yeah, it was cold, but she didn't know that. So, apparently, her deathly fear of water at bathtime has also spread to swimming, too.

But, hey, it's going to be a long summer! And it's barely reached 80 degrees! I have plenty of time...

Anyhow, next up: the Twin Cities, complete with a (planned) trip to the zoo and some long-overdue visits with family!

- Bethany :)

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